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Barcelona: “Between Reverter and Florentino convince Laporta to expel Messi from Barra”

Barcelona: “Between Reverter and Florentino convince Laporta to expel Messi from Barra”


10/08/2021 –

Jaume YubisCommittee member Espai Para who resigned after leaving Leo Messi From the club, I accused badly last night Joan Laporta And his team, who accuses him of promoting the departure of the Barcelona legend.

in the words of SER seriesLlopis spoke of disappointment. “I was forced to resign because Joan Laporta disappointed me, he did not carry out his main argument in the elections, which was that he was going to convince Leo Messi, to be free to be with you and say what I think. As a member of FC Barcelona we have the right to know the truth What happened. There is a complete lack of transparency in this process. Lawyers for both parties on Thursday cannot be ready to sign and when Jorge Messi arrives in Laporta, he tells him that there are no negotiations, that everything is broken and also separated from the CVC. We want to know what It happened in that period of hours when Laporta changed drastically.”

The hand of Florentino Breeze

“Messi himself said it in his own words: I cut my salary by 50% and they didn’t ask me for anything else.” CVC is not a vow fund as has been said, it is a very serious fund. True, the first contract was not accepted because, according to Laporta, he had been pawning the TV rights to Ftbol Club Barcelona for 50 years, but the CVC was ready to negotiate. It was not negotiated either. Laporta is convinced by Ferran Riverter, the new CEO, you can sign with CVC, and Florentino Prez with the Europa League draft. It also happens that Ferran Riverter has been friends with Florentino Preez for a long time and between them they convince him and Laporta radically to change his mind and already refuse to continue negotiating. Surprisingly, there are 25 days until the end of the market, and there was time to find solutions. They refuse to negotiate with Messi and CVC. It would be the perfect solution for Florentino Perez, we can strengthen Real Madrid with Mbappe.”

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Ferran River

“The new CEO is ordering a lot. I know that everything has to go through the CEO, and everything has to be signed by the CEO and not the president and CEO Joan Laporta has threatened to resign, he has an armored contract, if he signed a contract with CVC Laporta and got pressured by his CEO and on the other hand Florentino convinces him. Between them they convince him that he should sack Messi and not sign with CVC.”