June 20, 2024

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Britney Spears' ordeal lasts longer (and her mental health suffers)

Britney Spears’ ordeal lasts longer (and her mental health suffers)

Although they see little by little improvements, even private Britney Spears (39) Confirms that at a much more favorable point than it was a few months ago, it appears to be skull Refer to the extends or at least, Possible unexpected ending from this story. the Judge Branda Penny, who handles the case legal guardianship, he has unacceptable The singer’s lawyer asked to be Advance oral hearing scheduled for September 29. with a goal Take care of your mental healthAmong other things, Matthew S. Rosengart claimed to bring the date forward to this month, but we now know it was officially turned down.

“Every day that passes is another day of avoidable damage to Mrs. Spears and her property,” the attorney wrote, referring to the fact that The singer’s father, Jamie Spears, Britney’s current legal assistant (in charge of her finances) is not the best person for the job.

The judge did not give reasons for dismissing the petition, although the door is legally open to making a new door by providing some type of evidence. This is likely the path that Britney’s legal team chose, given that her mother (so far, always on the father’s side), her medical team and even Jodi Montgomery, another legal tutor (in this case, her personal matters) supported the singer’s wishes, and that’s Jamie’s Spears to leave office, think of her safety.

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