August 17, 2022

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Barcelona: Laporta: "We started a new phase by building a team of enthusiastic young people"

Barcelona: Laporta: “We started a new phase by building a team of enthusiastic young people”

Laporta Friday afternoon sent a message to all followers Barcelona. The President assessed the year 2021 which is now coming to an end and looked forward with ambition and desire towards 2022. In addition, he took the opportunity to ask all fans to take care of themselves and get vaccinated in order to end a pandemic.

“It was a year of ups and downs, but the Barcelona fans decided to start a new phase that would not prolong the deterioration of a more glorious phase. We want to start a new phase and do that by building football. A team of enthusiastic young people, with some still successful professional divisions and football Women who keep winning titles,” said the attorney.

Being very strong and full of emotions 2022


LaportaIn addition, he is looking forward to 2022. “We will start business Espai ParaThe most important institutional project in the history of the club and we should be proud and participate in building the future of the club Just. 2022 will be very hot and full of emotions, the president said, “The fans must not forget that gave approval to the directors, a little over ten days ago, To request a credit of up to 1,500 million euros for the construction of the Barcelona complex, which includes the construction of the new building Camp Nou.

We will continue to work to restore the club’s economy and make Bara a world reference in sporting terms.


“The council, which I have the honor to chair, will continue to work to restore the club’s economy and achieve Just It is again a reference in the world. also that we have Enterprise Keep helping those in need. We will do this while maintaining our responsibility to bring joy back to you Just. I wish you a good 2022. coffin live“Hey, Adido Laporta.

Take care of yourself, protect yourself, and vaccinate yourself to defeat this epidemic


Call for a vaccination

Laporta He has not forgotten the current situation in which the world lives with Corona virus disease In his year-end speech. With the sixth wave raging and positive records posted each day, the president seized the opportunity to send a clear message and position himself in favor of vaccines.

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“On these dates we usually take stock of the year we are closing in and also set good goals for the following year. But, in the times when you do, the first thing is to wish you good health to all. Take care of yourselves, protect yourselves, vaccinate yourselves to win Corona virus disease‘ asserted the president.