August 19, 2022

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Bayonetta 3 can recover an interesting mechanic from the canceled Scalebound

Bayonetta 3 can recover an interesting mechanic from the canceled Scalebound

We don’t like opening closed wounds and less when it comes to canceled projects that looked good and had high expectations like scalepond, The hack and slash with the dragon He was developing PlatinumGames for Microsoft which can never be re-developed Probio Phil Spencer confirmed. However, we can find light at the end of the tunnel, though scalepond can be forgotten, Some of its mechanics can be restored NS Bayonetta 3Who closed the file Nintendo Direct With Amazing gameplay.

According to reports from VGCAnd Bayonetta 3 he have The title of the former chief designer of scalepond, Yusuke Miyata. Former flagship product of scalepondJean Pierre Kellams, posted a post on his personal Twitter account highlighting Miyata’s talent and the similarity between a certain mechanic scalepond and pray Bayonetta 3. Yusuke Miyata was the chief designer of scalepondHe’s so talented I can’t wait to play Bayonetta 3 Mainly because he brought it out,” Chelms shared enthusiastically.

A demonic slave is like the mechanics of controlling two garments

Control of invitations looks very similar to the mechanic we had in it scalepond To control the two (The dragon that accompanied the hero). Now that I’ve seen the trailer again, I’m really excited about it,” Kellams stated about the reasonable similarity between Thuban’s control mechanics and Demon slave skill presented in Bayonetta 3. About scalepond, it should be noted that PlatinumGames will be interested in Back to the project, Although the Depends on Microsoft. In the meantime, we have to settle it Bayonetta 3, which is more than meets expectations The prisoner of Hideki Kamiya.

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