April 22, 2024

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Biden's Democratic Summit ends without agreements - Escambrai

Biden’s Democratic Summit ends without agreements – Escambrai

The North American media was unaware of the virtual conclave shutdown, while their spaces focused on the inflationary crisis facing the United States.

Some critics point out that Washington must first reform its democracy before presenting itself as a global arbiter. (Photo: EFE)

The Democracy Summit sponsored by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, concluded on Friday, two days after participants did not actually finalize any agreement.

“Virtual” aides from nearly 100 countries have not approved any document to advance the democratic values ​​Biden allegedly tried to promote, and who has called for another event a year from now.

From the start, the meeting was seen as a risky bet, and many analysts assessed it was an attempt to advance confrontation with China and Russia, countries with legitimately elected governments but which Washington accuses of violating human rights.

According to The Hill, the White House’s efforts also sought to revitalize the image of America as a “healthy democracy,” which was somewhat overshadowed by the gang attack on Capitol Hill on January 6.

In recent weeks, criticism of Biden over the call has spread, with local politicians even saying the president is undermining what he wants to promote.

Biden, who promised during his campaign that he would organize the event in its first year, “forgot” to invite Russia, China and Iran, among other countries, including allies, prompted criticism.

Remarkably, the American media on Friday ignored the closure of the virtual complex, while focusing its spaces on the inflationary crisis facing the United States, the largest in the past forty years and which seriously worries Americans.

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To get a rough idea of ​​how the event will affect citizens, he was criticized this week by former Republican Texas legislator Ron Paul, saying: “Trying to shape our performance and inciting other states to do better, I think our efforts would be completely empty.

He noted that “none of the sycophant foreign leaders who dared invite to the banquet dare to point out that Washington is dedicated to undermining democracy abroad, not promoting it.”

The former presidential candidate asked the American Libertarian Party: The pinnacle of democracy? He replied: It is like a propaganda summit. What a joke!

However, Biden said in his closing address that he was enthusiastic and motivated by what he found at the summit, even though the meeting ended without fanfare or agreement, while some critics suggest that Washington should first reform its democracy, before volunteering as a party. global rule.

It is noteworthy that the President announced at the meeting a new fund of $424 million for what he intended as a presidential initiative for democratic renewal that is supposed to enhance international action in support of media freedom, democratic reformers and the fight against corruption.

A portion of this money will be directed by USAID’s official foreign aid agency to support and defend independent media and journalists in other countries, something that experts consider part of plans against regimes against US interests.

According to the White House, Biden repeated his favorite slogan: “The United States will lead by example,” reminiscent of Ron Paul’s remark, “A top of democracy?”. “It’s like a publicity stunt. What a joke!

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