June 12, 2024

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Bill Gates pushed seven big companies to invest nearly $1 billion in clean energy to fight climate change

Bill Gates pushed seven big companies to invest nearly $1 billion in clean energy to fight climate change

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This Monday, the non-profit organization energy penetrationCreated by Bill Gates In 2016, she announced that It managed to raise nearly $1,000 million to develop andclean energy That will be the key to the fight climate change. Among the seven investment companies are large companies such as American AirlinesAnd American bank And General motors.

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The Microsoft co-founder enlisted the support of seven American giants to fund the project Super Energy Catalyst, whose goal is to build A carbon-neutral economy by 2050, according to the media CNBC.

In addition to owning Microsoft And those previously mentioned American AirlinesAnd American bank And General motors, also join the plan Bill Gates investment manager Black stoneFinance Boston Consulting Group And Arcelor Metal, the largest steel producer in the world.

The total amount raised by the Gates Foundation has not been disclosed, but CNBC estimates that this number could. Overcoming The 1 billion dollars.

“Preventing a climate catastrophe will require a new industrial revolution. Half of the technology needed to achieve zero emissions either does not exist yet or is too costly for much of the world to pay for it.”, shaded Bill Gates in a release.

“Catalyst is designed to change that and provide an efficient way to invest in the future of clean technology.”The benefactor added.

what is the project Breakthrough energy catalyst?

Launched in early 2021, the program aims to Production and acquisition of new climate-smart technologies. These solutions will go to a file Zero carbon economysomething you want to achieve, by 2050.

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Gates reports that Catalyst provides “A new model for public-private partnership to help build the foundations of a zero-emissions economy”Because it brings together companies, governments, philanthropic organizations and individuals to invest in key climate technologies.

Initially, the project will focus on four areas: live air captureAnd green hydrogenAnd Long-term energy storage And sustainable aviation fuel.

The Gates Foundation and its partners will help Reducing the costs of clean energy technologies through direct investments. By doing so, it aims to be competitive to replace energy sources that emit greenhouse gases.

“Catalyst is designed to change that (by) taking a global view of the energy innovation landscape: key technologies, leading companies, important financial and political partners, and financing projects that have the greatest benefits for our planet.”Microsoft co-founder details.

When the Catalyst project was launched earlier this year, they announced partnerships with the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the US Department of Energy.