January 17, 2022

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Damon HF Colossus: Top of the line Damon HF Radical 200 HP Electric Motorcycle - Electric Motorcycles - Hybrid & Electric

Damon HF Colossus: Top of the line Damon HF Radical 200 HP Electric Motorcycle – Electric Motorcycles – Hybrid & Electric

Take advantage of the CES exhibition that takes place in Las Vegas on the same days, Damon It introduced the latest model to join its range of electric motorcycles. his name is HF GiantIt comes with a power of 200 horsepower and a radical image that enhances its performance.

It is the third model in Damon’s HF range, from which the initials come Hyperfighter, a moniker by which the brand has baptized the three models it will soon add to its catalog, the new Colossus representing the top of the range. An aspect that is thus reflected in both its price and its benefits.

Finished in a striking yellow color, along with black stripes and the most exclusive design wheels, the HF range will consist of three models that are essentially identical to the naked-type electric motorcycles inheriting the Hyperport range design. besides the giant which takes center stage in these lines (and is the one the brand gave more details about), Damon will be marketing HF Limited 15 y HF Limited 20, whose designation indicates the capacity of the battery in kilowatt-hours.

The three versions of the HF have the same electrical layout, but depending on which version is chosen, they’ll boast different power and battery numbers. in case if The power of the HF Limited 15 is set to 147 hp, while the HF Limited 20 y Colossus Make the jump up to 197 y 200 CV, Respectively.

Few electric motorcycles have such an aggressive aesthetic as the Damon HF Colossus.

According to HF Limited 20, the Colossus appears to be contributing hardly anything given 3 horsepower more than it is proud of. However, it also has significant improvements in the course part, with a commentary signed by the famous specialist OhlinsIt also has an Italian brake system Brembo. It also uses a single-sided rear crank instead of limited double wishbones.

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With a full 20 kWh battery charge, HF Colossus Promises of autonomy of up to 146 kilometers, although this is certainly without unleashing the accelerator. 0 to 100 kilometers per hour is 3 secondsWhile the 146 hp model does it in 5 seconds.

The brand also promises a relatively unusual technological load for a motorcycle with such sporty characteristics as the HF. In addition to cameras instead of mirrors, Damon developed a file A system called co-pilot Its function is to act as a co-pilot and alert the pilot himself through lights and on-screen warnings, as well as vibrations through the knobs, about alert states. The system consists of a series of cameras and radars capable of controlling up to 64 different objects simultaneously.

Giant front design.

Damon HF Colossus front design.

Damon has no plans to bring the Colossus into mass production as it will happen with my two companies HF Limited, as they have reported that they will only make a hard copy of 100 units of the HF Colossus at a price 35,000 Canadian dollars each, which according to the current exchange rate is just over 24,830 euros. The classic versions Limited 15 and Limited 20 will cost 25,000 and 19,000 dollars, respectively (about 14,000 and 18,500 euros).