January 28, 2022

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Corona virus today: Johnson & Johnson + New Zealand approves vaccine |  Corona virus |  DW

Corona virus today: Johnson & Johnson + New Zealand approves vaccine | Corona virus | DW

All updates from Central European Time (CET).

14:41 | France fears “rapid fourth wave” and wants vaccination

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal called on people to get vaccinated in large numbers because of the progress made in neighboring countries such as Spain, where “the danger of a fourth tidal wave is here.”

Appearing at a press conference under the terms of a Security Council dedicated to the epidemic and a panel of ministers led by Emmanuel Macron, Atal announced that he would “strengthen restrictions” on the health certification for foreign travelers.

14:32 | Germany meticulously follows the evolution of the Govt in Mallorca

The German government on Wednesday advised not to visit Mallorca due to a resurgence of Govt infection, but promised to closely follow the evolution of the epidemic on the island, the main destination of its tourism.

When asked about this at a press conference, a Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that the Robert Koch Institute, in collaboration with the Ministries of Virology (RKI) and the Ministries of Health and the Interior, had only drawn up a list of regions based on dangerous conditions.

“We do not make recommendations, we make our list,” he said, adding that the German government refers to three categories that are updated weekly and categorize countries as risk, high risk of occurrence and risk of dangerous variation.

The spokesman assured that Mallorca could not be expected to be declared a danger zone due to more events soon, but pointed to current statistics and recent evolution. “I don’t have a crystal ball,” he said.

11:19 | Tokyo records maximum increase in infections after May 16 after JJ. Oo

920 new Covit-19 cases were reported in Tokyo this Wednesday, the highest daily count since mid-May and there are still 16 days until the start of the Olympics, which will revisit the announced spectator figures. This is the highest number since the city registered 1,010 infections during the state of emergency since May 13.

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10:33 | Berlin insists on vaccination to prevent an increase in infections in the fall

The German government has urged those who have not yet done so to be vaccinated against Govt-19 to avoid an increase in infections in the fall, as already seen in the United Kingdom and other European countries.

“Either you get vaccinated or you get infected,” Health Minister Jens Spann said briefly on public television: “There will be groups of people with multiple infections where there are not enough vaccines” and urged citizens to get vaccinated.

“If we can do what we can in July, there is a good chance of autumn, a winter with fewer requirements and fewer controls,” said the minister, who is skeptical of eliminating all measures against the spread of the epidemic in advance. .

In Germany so far, 32.6 million people (39.3% of the population) have received the full vaccination schedule and 56.8% of citizens have received a single dose (approximately 47.2 million persons).

The Robert Koch Institute of Virology (RKI) announced this Wednesday (7.07.2021) that the weekly data on new infections per million people had slightly increased to 5.1 cases (compared to 4.9 the previous day); In all, Germany recorded 3.7 million infections and 91,110 deaths from the epidemic.

9:14 | Heathrow Airport is testing rapid routes for vaccinated people

The terminal said British Airways (PA) and Virgin Atlantic Airlines would test fast routes in Heathrow for passengers with a full vaccination schedule arriving at London Airport.

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This “fast-track” test was released before the British government could decide whether to remove the ten-day isolation for those vaccinated with two doses coming to the UK from countries classified as amber, such as Spain or France. Under the pilot program, passengers arriving from selected locations will be able to upload their vaccination status electronically before boarding, and, once in Heathrow, will be able to enter via expressways to expedite the immigration process.

The test comes after the government announced its intention to lift recent restrictions on the corona virus in the UK from next July 19 and amid calls from the aviation industry to lift the segregation imposed on Amber countries visitors. Volunteers will take part in the test with a full vaccination schedule coming to Heathrow on flights from Athens, Montego Bay (Jamaica), New York and Los Angeles (USA).

7:45 | Indonesia extended restrictions

The Indonesian government has extended the restrictions imposed across the country to curb the deadly waves of epidemics of the delta variant of the corona virus. These restrictions apply to dozens of cities and extend from the island of Sumatra in the west to Papua in the east, after the delta variation hit the densely populated island of Java.

“Cases are on the rise in other regions, and we need to focus on the availability of hospitals,” said Minister Erlanga Hardatro, adding that restrictions on the area would remain in effect until July 20.

7:01 | Johnson & Johnson Single Dose Johnson Vaccine Approved New Zealand

The New Zealand government has approved a vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) against Covit-19 as an alternative to Workers’ Party member Jacinta Artern’s immunization program, which relies heavily on Pfizer’s dose administration, sources said. Officers.

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MEDSAFE (abbreviation in English), a New Zealand pharmaceutical regulatory body, granted temporary approval for the use of the Jansen vaccine in New Zealand for 9 months and with conditions, with the country last year agreeing to purchase two million doses of the serum. J&J Pharmaceuticals.

New Zealand Health Minister Chris Hipkins stressed that the alternative to the Johnson vaccine gives the country the flexibility it needs, especially in “places where it is difficult to access or in emergencies or those who cannot get the Pfizer vaccine”. The Minister pointed out that he expects the Order Cabinet decision on the use of the J&J vaccine to be released next August, according to a report from his office.

6:55 | China has strengthened border security with Burma due to the Kovit-19 infection

According to data released this Wednesday (7.07.2021), Kovit-19 erupted on China’s porous border with Burma, bringing the Asian giant to the highest level of epidemics in the last six months. On that day, 57 new infections were reported, the highest daily level since the end of January, including 15 cases in the town of Ruli on the Burmese border.

In those cases, according to health officials in Yunnan province, 12 Burmese said they were caused by a highly contagious delta variant of the virus that was first detected in India. The other 42 infections came from abroad, the report said.

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