August 19, 2022

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Billboard Latin Music Awards 2021 live: Best Music Award and winners list live

Billboard Latin Music Awards 2021 live: Best Music Award and winners list live

List of Billboard Latin Music Awards 2021 Winners, Currently

Best Latin Album by Ao

Prize will be given Best Latin Album by Ao

And the winner is: Bad Bunny Con ‘YHLQMDLG’!!!

Moment of the Night starring Bad Bunny and Paquita la del Barrio…

J Balvin Appears on social networks, congratulates awards Bad Bunny, Carol J and others inside Latin Bulletin Board from Primus…

Artist of the Year for the first time

It’s time to meet the 2020 revelation. The award was given to Artist of the Year for the first time

And the winner is: Mike Towers!!!

actress Jacqueline Bracamontes Come out on stage to deliver Technical Career Award Mexican singer… Live Paquita!!!

“Hot Latin Songs” Artista del Ao, Do o Grupo

Now is the time to get to know the talent, at the awards ceremony “Hot Latin Songs” Artista del Ao, Do o Grupo.

And the winner is: MS Panda!!!

I can’t miss…

as a son “Miami Nights”, sang by Natasha Natasha…

Artist “Latin Rhythm” del Ao, From the Group

It’s time to meet the prize winner Artist “Latin Rhythm” del Ao, From the Group

And the winner is: Legendary!!!

Carol J with a passionate dedication to his award…

Now, they enter the scene Guadalupe Pineda, Yuri and Anna Barbara To celebrate life and work Juan Gabriel, Five years after his death.

“Hot Latin Songs” artist Ao, Feminina

Time to meet Artist of the Year

And the winner is: Carol J

Long term love!!!

Belinda, present at a party Billboard Awards, Congratulation Christian Nodal on his handsomeness.

On stage come out Wilfredo Vargas To get acquainted with the career of the artist and singer, Johnny Ventura who passed away in 2021

Musical performances are the order of the day. And so we enjoy the number of music Camila Cabello

Regional Mexican solo artist

It’s time to meet Best Regional Mexican Solo Artist

And the winner is: Christian Nodal

Now they come to the stage the black Eyed Peas, For a bonus track, nothing more, nothing less than a Mexican rock band… man!!!

Like vivi Prince Royce on primemiacin …

Tropical year song

The next prize to be presented is Ao Tropical Cancer:

And the winner is: Prince Royce with “Innocent Face”

song of the year

The first prize to be awarded is a prize Song of the year:

And the winner is: Bad Bunny and Jay Cortez, “Duketty”

In addition to the award ceremony, there will be well-deserved honors for artists of stature Paquita La Del Barrio, Mann and Juan Gabriel

Joanne, upon arrival at the award ceremony…

Here, some of the categories that will be awarded tonight, from Miami…

  • This year’s record house
  • year rating
  • Latin Pop song of the year
  • Artist “LATIN POP” DEL AO, from the group
  • AO “LATIN POP” artist, SOLOIST
  • “The Most Important Latin Albums” IMPRINT DEL AO
  • Label of the Year “Best Latin Albums”
  • Artist of the “Best Latin Albums” of the group
  • “Best Latin Albums”, Artist of the Year, Female
  • “Best Latin Albums”, Male
  • “Best Latin Album” DEL AO
  • Song of the Year, Sales
  • naming the year “hot latin songs”
  • “Hot Latin Songs” artist Del O, from the group

The lights start coming in. This is what Natty Natasha looks like when he arrives on Billboard

Welcome to the Latin Music Party!!!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, Our traditional minute by minute in Marca Claro Starry, within delivery Billboard Latin Music Awards 2021.

We are ready to see The best advocates of Latin music fight for coveted statues, We invite you to follow all the details of this wonderful party.

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