August 19, 2022

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MSP authorities intervene in Enrique Garces Hospital – Ministry of Public Health

Quito, September 23, 2021

Authorities of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) have toured the facilities of the Enrique Garces General Hospital, located south of Quito. They entered the machinery area to check and verify its operation.

The National Undersecretary for Quality Assurance of Health Services, Luis Eduardo Carrion, together with the National Director of Health Service Quality, Cecilia Leon and Director of Health Infrastructure, Pavlov Caceres, announced that there is a plan to intervene in the House of Health.

The action plan proposes programmed activities for the medium, short and long term, depending on the allocation of resources to each enterprise; It will have a national character. Intervention will be carried out in 132 existing hospitals.

In each of these, a roadmap is built with priority actions in the infrastructure to conduct timely follow-up and measure corresponding progress.

According to Pavlov Kaceres, Director of Health Infrastructure, the goal is for the engineering systems, electrical, hydraulic, against fire and gases, among others, to be functional and functional so that health services are developed in an appropriate manner.

These visits will be maintained as a preventive measure to detect malfunctions and infrastructure needs, evaluate resupply of services, perform maintenance procedures and provide an immediate response.

Planning and coordination measures of this kind will allow the infrastructure of the medical units of the Ministry of Public Health to remain in perfect condition and ensure the quality of services, translated into patient safety throughout the Ecuadorean territory.

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