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Bolivia.  - Arsa defends indigenous people on a day of support for wiphala in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz

Bolivia. – Arsa defends indigenous people on a day of support for wiphala in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz

MADRID, October 13 (European press) –

Bolivia’s president, Luis Ars, repudiated the indigenous people at the conclusion of a day of support for the Wiphala flag held in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, a stronghold of the opposition, which was erected in the context of tension over the teachings. He. She.

The actions for the wiphala, in which the Movement for Socialism (MAS) participated, took place a day after the strike called by the opposition against the government and some of its actions, such as Profit Bill Ilícitas, which brought together the various social sectors in recorded rallies in Santa Cruz, La Paz or Oruro.

The participants in the event also supported the Ars administration in facing the protests and forming an opposition bloc against it, while the Bolivian president stressed that his government is a “guarantor” for growth and economic development.

“We all need income, those who have a job plus those who don’t, the small businessman, the small producer, the large and medium-sized businessman, they need to grow, they need to sell, we need to produce,” he noted before mentioning that the opposition is mobilizing Because “they don’t know[how to get Bolivia out of the crisis]that’s the reason for the fear, this is the reason for the fear.”

Arce also questioned the actions of the opposition and insisted on the idea of ​​”look in the mirror” and “recognize that in the depths of each of us is the blood of the indigenous (…) in our bodies”. “They were coup plotters, they were never democratic, and they respect voting at the polls,” he added, according to the Bolivian newspaper “La Razon”.

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The governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, one of the most prominent faces of opposition to the Bolivian government, considered the day in favor of the wiphala a “provocation”, while the head of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz Rómulo Calvo criticized that “the cloth does nothing, the cloth does not represent us”. Similarly, the people of Santa Cruz have been called the “Blessed Race.”

Tension around the wiphala increased as a result of what happened in the official celebrations of the memory of Santa Cruz. The government and sectors related to MAS deplore Camacho’s stance on the banner. During that day, his followers also “insulted the wiphala” by abruptly lowering him from the mast raised by the current Vice President, David Choquehuanca.