August 15, 2022

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Bolivian Mining Federation supports Arce, rejects opposition

LA PAZ, Aug. 3 (Prensa Latina) The National Federation of Mining Cooperatives today backed the administration of Bolivian President Luis Arce in the face of destabilizing attempts by opposition groups.

The said entity, through a statement, made clear its support for the leader of the Andean country “democratically elected by 55.1 percent of the vote” in the general election.

The Federation recognizes and appreciates the work and commitment undertaken by our government (…), particularly with the cooperative mining sector and the working class in general, expresses the message.

Later, he emphasized “the effort, dedication, commitment and dedication to service and business – which Archie and his government are doing – for the benefit of the Bolivian people”, which “advance the process of economic revitalization in our country”.

The statement emphasized in particular the renunciation of the actions of the Santa Cruz lodges, which, under the pretext of postponing the census and political interests, are trying to destabilize the national government, call for mobilization and confrontation between the Bolivian brothers, harm the economy and the healing process.

After learning of the union’s statement, Arce thanked the gesture and stated that “people are wise.”

“It is easier to destroy the opposition than to build, which is why you will always look for any excuse to try to destabilize the economy and democracy,” the head of state emphasized via Twitter.

Days before, Santa Cruz leaders decided to organize a strike on August 8 and 9, refusing to postpone the census to 2024, as established by the National Autonomous Council, and instead proposed to implement it in 2023.

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