January 19, 2022

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Briggite Bardot genera una nueva polémica en medio de las severas advertencias de Emmanuel Macron contra los antivacunas

Brigitte Bardot joins the controversy amid Emmanuel Macron’s stern warnings against vaccines

Brigitte Bardot refuses to be vaccinated. The 87-year-old French actress is back in the spotlight Controversy over his refusal to vaccinate against Covid Despite the strong recommendations of his country’s authorities, the steady rise in infections.

The iconic artist told the magazine expensive That your decision is due to the fact that”Allergic to all chemicalsYour statements speak Two days after the president of France, Emmanuel Macron It will issue a strong warning against people who hesitate to get vaccinated against the Corona virus.

From her villa La Madrague, on the Mediterranean coast in Saint-Tropez, where she was secluded, the 1960s muse made clear that her rejection of vaccines does not date back to today. “Even when I traveled to Africa, I refused to be vaccinated against yellow fever. My doctor at the time wrote me a forged certificate. I left and came back in good shape,” he admitted.

Bardot, who considers himself in good health, strongly rejects vaccination, which the government considers the main means of protection for the population from the epidemic. “I am 87 years old, but I don’t look like that. I don’t have gray hair, I am very skinny.”

The actress revealed the ailments she suffers from at her age: “I have double osteochondrosis, I walk on crutches, but if they give me a rumba tune, or a cha-cha-cha, or a gypsy kings tune or something flamenco, I want to moveTold with a sense of humor.

A year ago, the actress also made headlines after being questioned by a European media outlet she was made for Controversial statements about deaths from the global health crisis. In this framework, Pardo, referring to the overpopulation of the planet, said that this type of disease will help to “restore” nature.

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“I fear that the Covid virus and other known epidemics will painfully restore the new order,” he said. “When these five billion people are gone on this earth, nature will take back its rights,” the actress said. “You ask me if this virus is a good thing? Yes, it’s a kind of overpopulation organization that we can’t control”, his opinion.

“I don’t see anyone. It won’t be the goats that will infect me,” Bardot, who is isolated in her mansion in southern France, said at the time that she had not been in contact with other people and was not interested in catching the virus.

However, France today is experiencing moments of tension due to the intense debate that has raged between supporters and opponents of vaccination. The country has reported an infection rate of 250,000 infections in recent days, and in this context, President Emmanuel Macron has shown his anger at the anti-vaccine movementsHe criticized them for “lack of morals” and “irresponsibility” and accused them of trying to “undermine the strength of the nation”. More than five million French people have not yet been vaccinated.

“When my freedom threatens the freedom of others, I become irresponsible. The irresponsible person is no longer a citizen. I am not here to anger the French. Well, I am the unvaccinated who I really want to anger and we will continue to do to the end, that is the strategy. I will not put them in prison, I will not I vaccinate them by force. You have to tell them that from January 15th they will no longer be able to go to a restaurant, have coffee, go to the theater or cinema,” the president warned in an interview with the media. Paris.