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Viral testing |  Choose how to write the letter "X" and the viral test will find out what your real personality is |  Uses

Viral testing | Choose how to write the letter “X” and the viral test will find out what your real personality is | Uses

the It is increasingly sought after by users, who can quickly and easily discover aspects of themselves. In addition to showing interesting dynamics in a single image, hidden details can reveal one’s mood. In this You must choose how to write the letter “X” and we will reveal your true personality.

so we have . In the illustration, you can see different ways to write the letter X. All you have to do is choose the method that is most similar to the way you are writing this letter, and only then will you find out the results.

After your choice in this psychological test, you will know what your true personality is, the one that does not manifest itself in the ordinary situations of others. Remember that you must be honest, because the results you get in this way will be valid.

The beginning of these tests was when the American psychologist and biologist Roger W. Sperry – Nobel Prize winner – discovered that the two hemispheres (left and right) that are in our brain function differently, in the way we think they are, directly related to which side is controlling on the inside.

Based on their discovery, various tests appeared, circulated on social media, that could determine a person’s way of thinking and his personality traits. It is also important to remember that its results have no scientific validity or accuracy, it is only a game that displays certain profiles.

viral test image

The way you write the letter X will reveal details about you that you didn’t know. | Photo: namastet

Viral test results

1. From bottom right to top left, then from bottom left to top right

According to graphology, these people are trustworthy and have good intentions. They rarely speak ill of another person. They are optimistic and look forward to what the future holds, even though they know very well what it means to appreciate what you have here and now.

2. From bottom left to top right, then from bottom right to top left

They are people who know where they come from and what their roots are. Problems are usually not a problem because they are easily dealt with by their experience with similar situations. According to astrology,

3. From top right to bottom left, then from bottom right to top left

They are spontaneous and unpredictable people, a trait that people around them excite because they are full of surprises. Their motto is usually to question everything because nothing should be taken for granted.

4. From bottom right to top left, then top right to bottom left

They are very intuitive people, so your instincts will rarely disappoint. He always sees the best in people and is always ready to give them a second chance.

5. From top left to bottom right, then from bottom left to top right

Passionate and ambitious people, so they don’t give up on you and follow your dreams when the world tells you to give up on them. Do not allow others to determine the course of your life because you have the wisdom to understand that living to please others only leads to regret. Don’t waste time trying to do things for others, people will respect and value you.

6. From bottom left to top right, then top left to bottom right

You are constantly looking for new horizons to reach, new things to achieve, and new experiences to discover. You are a pioneer, you go where no one dares to walk and open a path for others to follow.

7. From top left to bottom right, then from top right to bottom left

You are a conscientious person, meticulous in your duties and responsibilities. You prefer to do things the right way and believe in giving your heart in everything you do.

8. From top right to bottom left, then top left to bottom right

You are a creative genius with a living imagination that you apply to more hands-on activities. People think you’re the kind of person who always gets stuck in your head, but they don’t realize that even when you’re in your thoughts, you’re very attentive to what’s going on around you.

What is a personality test?

Also called a psychological test, it is an empirical tool intended to measure or evaluate a particular psychological characteristic, or general traits of personality.

The construction of the test should ensure that the behavior identified by a particular detector represents as faithfully as possible the subject’s performance in everyday situations where the ability that the test aims to evaluate is put into real implementation.

According to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, the experiences a person accumulates during his life help shape his or her personality as an adult. Freud claimed that traumatic experiences had a strong influence at this point.

On the other hand, the (UTEL) from Mexico that personality or psychological tests are divided into three parts: questionnaires, projective and behavioral, which will identify different traits that you may not know about yourself and what you think about things.

What is the origin of personality tests?

according to , The first personality tests were developed in 1920. These questionnaires “It was intended to facilitate the selection process of personnel, particularly in the armed forces.”.

In these times, many users from different parts of the world are interested to know more about their way of life. That is why in social networks there are many simple tests that allow Internet users to find out everything about their personality.

What is the best personality test?

the It is one of the most respected and used. It was the result of decades of work and analysis by Raymond B. Cattell, a British psychologist known for his great contributions to the field of personality and, above all, intelligence. It was he who suggested, for example, the existence of liquid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.

This personality test has been constantly revised and updated, but the gist remains the same: the study of our personality traits based on 16 factors and five secondary factors: Factor A (emotion), Factor B (inference), Factor C (stability), Factor E (dominance), Factor F (impulsivity) ), factor G (group compatibility), factor H (audacity), factor I (sensitivity), factor L (suspicion), factor M (imagination), factor N (perception), factor O (guilt), factor Q2 (self-sufficiency) , factor Q3 (self-control), factor Q4 (tension).

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