June 20, 2024

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CAF closes new contract in New Zealand, this time for 130 million

CAF closes new contract in New Zealand, this time for 130 million

CAF units are already circulating in Auckland today. / Cafe

There are already 72 trains in circulation in Auckland on Beijing

Julio Diaz de Alta

Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) again closes an order on the other side of the world. Beazindra explained on Tuesday that it had signed an agreement to supply 23 new power units to the city of Auckland in New Zealand. The contract size will be over 130 million euros and will include maintenance of the vehicles until the end of 2025, with the possibility of extending this to five additional units.

Following a 2011 contract to supply 57 power units to the CAF Group and maintain them for 12 years, this is a new project for Auckland Transport. Following that, 15 more units were purchased in 2017.

The 72 units supplied are currently in service in Auckland. “Since then, CAF’s trains have proven to be extremely reliable and have traveled more than 33 million kilometers, a key factor in the increase in the number of users on public transport in Auckland,” Andres Ariscorata-led company promised.

The new units will be the same as the 72 offered before the same client, and will have three cars each, two cabs with a cab and an intermediate trailer car, with a total capacity of 380 passengers. The structure of the boxes is made of stainless steel, each with two doors on its side for passenger access. Likewise, the intermediate car will have a lower floor, which will make it easier for those with less mobility and those in a wheelchair to access the unit.

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The agreement protects beasaindarra, saying, “The CAF’s presence in the region, in addition to the aforementioned agreements for Auckland Transport, has provided the Company with a significant number of projects in recent years since its subsidiary was formed in 2010. Among those orders are the Paramatman light rail for New South Wales and two. -Time are the most recent projects for regional trains.