June 28, 2022

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Logic puzzle: Few people can find the true result

Logic puzzle: Few people can find the true result

Logical puzzle: Few people can come to the real conclusion. (take photo)

the logic puzzles Mathematics is often used It undoubtedly raises a lot of controversy among many people, as in many cases Find more than one answerBut it all depends on the method they use. Are you ready to solve this puzzle? Let’s go to him.

Although doing this seems easy, you should keep this in mind Mathematics has precise operations. The Chinese People’s Daily published this widely mystery And they were good at pointing it out The answer is 16 But you must find out How do you come to this result by looking at the numbers and pictures in the picture.

If you can’t find the result, don’t worry because we will explain later How do you get 16, but if you want to find the answer yourself, Feel free to try it again. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Logical puzzle: Few people can come to the real conclusion.  (take photo)
Logical puzzle: Few people can come to the real conclusion. (take photo)

The process of obtaining 16

If you’ve made it this far, it’s for two reasons: you didn’t find the result or you want to check the process.

Whatever the case, this is the way to answer.

To make the explanation more readable, we can add values ​​to each letter in the image. In this case it would be like this: The shoe will be “S”, the cat will be “C” and the whistle will be “W”.

With this we can start with an equation, in fact the equation is the basis for finding the result.

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Three pairs of shoes combined equal thirty. So we put it as follows: S + S + S = 30. Now divide 30 by three. all A pair of sneakers represents the number 10. So far the process has been very simple.

The second stage brings up a slightly clearer equation. Replace the shoe with 10. Then we have the following: 10 + C + C = 20, Now subtract 10 from each side, so C + C = 10. Each cat should represent the number 5.

Keep calm and look at the equation that comes with the image we are analyzing. Here you will find two beeps on each line, but the last beep has only one beep. So we will have the following process: 5 + 2W + 2W = 13. Si 4W = 8, This means that each whistle represents the number 2.

This is the next step in all these calculations. Actually this is the easiest step but it is not the last step. With the values ​​of each character or object already in place, now is the time to replace them. So we have the following: S + C x W, an equation equal to 10 + 5 x 2. Consider the order of how the operations are solved, so multiply and add. comes the answer 20, but not 16, why?

The key is in the cat’s clothes. In the second and third equations, the cat has a whistle around its neck, but not on the last.

There is no need to go back and redo all the hard work. Just change the last equation to S + (C – W) x W. Now connect the numbers: 10 + (5 – 2) x 2. Skip forward to the end. The equation goes to 10 + (3) x 2, then to 10 + 6. finally, You get 16: The problem has been resolved! Congratulations, you have solved a file Tricky math puzzle.

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