February 23, 2024

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Callisto Protocol is a poor sales performer

Callisto Protocol is a poor sales performer

Crafton, who had financed the game, greatly underestimated their sales forecasts.

Despite the huge hype around him, Callisto protocol It performs well below expected sales.

It initially emerged as one of the most unique games of 2022 because of it Setup and play Which reminded me of a classic dead spaceAnd Callisto protocol It was released last December to much criticism.

From bug reports to bad optimization, welcome to the studio’s premiere game Hit Distance Studios It was mostly negative, with this already having a direct impact in terms of the economic department.

K-Odyssey reported that many South Korean investment firms are reporting poor performance of Callisto protocol In the market.

Had poor sales Craftonthe South Korean company that funded the game, Adjust your expectations As for what the horror game will sell by coming down from some first estimated figures of between 4 to 5 million copies during its entire run to We only expect 2 million.

South Korean analysts have zoomed in on Crafton’s massive investment Callisto protocolReports reach $161 million To develop and promote what is considered a commercial failure.

Callisto protocol It was one of the titles to close in 2022, with an average rating of 70 on Metacritic across its three releases.

Before the game still It contains many promised contents Starting February 7 with New Game Plus and Hardcore Mode, to get later three updates already slated as part of the Season Pass, among them the arrival of DLC over the summer to expand Story Mode.

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