June 28, 2022

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Camila Cabello writes about body criticism in a bikini

Camila Cabello writes about body criticism in a bikini

It’s not the first time Camila Cabello speaks out to defend and normalize all body types in response to criticism of the singer Many times. Being the subject of opinions, comments, and even questions of this kind Shouldn’t you lose weight? Or similar messages about your body appearance by people we haven’t asked for their opinions and who think we should change. This inevitably ends up affecting our self-esteem in some way. This practice that Camila has been exposed to on certain occasions is called “disgrace of the body” And many other celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Lady Gaga have suffered..

Camila Cabello does not hide and always brings back comments in an elegant way. The last time she did this was this morning with a post on her Instagram with a text that surfaced after her recent bikini photos and how vulnerable she feels to being pursued by the paparazzi. Cabello has given us some interesting thinking about IG that we should analyze and keep in mind. I did well!

Every time I was at the beach In Miami, I was secretly photographed in a bikini and felt very weak And without preparation: I wore a swimsuit that was too small and close to the body”The singer started the text. Later, I saw the pictures on the Internet and the comments, and they bothered me very much. I remember how shocked I was when I realized that I was thinking about other people’s culture of ideas and not my own. A culture that has become so accustomed to the image of what a woman’s body should be is completely wrong for many women.” Camila continued explaining. Photoshop, restricted eating, over-exercising, choosing angles that make our bodies look different from what they are now or in their natural state and shape, when we breathe deeply, when we eat, when we allow ourselves to be who we are.” Camila Cabello went on to explain what she felt in her last session: “I knew it was going to be basically a photo session. I held my breath really hard, my stomach muscles hurt. I couldn’t breathe and could barely smile, knowing where the paparazzi were. I couldn’t just let it go and relax, doing what we’re supposed to do when we’re out in nature. I tried to pretend they weren’t there, but I couldn’t and held my breath from the chair.” The artist ends the text with an explanation How from now on when you’re back at the beach, you’ll have the same fun as kids or love a mermaid: for free, without trick, without trying to pretend anything. His followers applauded at his every word, just as we do.

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