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Camila Escribens dazzles at Miss Universe 2023 and advances to top 10: Relive her swimsuit display

Camila Escribens dazzles at Miss Universe 2023 and advances to top 10: Relive her swimsuit display

Camila Escribens moved into the top 10 of Miss Universe 2023. Telemundo

Camilla Scribens It still shines in Miss Universe 2023. The Peruvian model proved to be one of the favorite models in this beauty pageant, as she shines on the catwalk. After parading in a swimsuit, the athlete was selected to enter the top ten in the international competition.

She could not help but look very happy to have achieved this important achievement in her professional career, as she always mentioned that one of her wishes was for Peru’s name to remain high. It is worth noting that for several years our country has not entered the first places in this event.

but, Camilla Scribens He worked tirelessly to represent us in the best way. That is why the only thing on her face when she was named was happiness, because she knows that her efforts are beginning to bear their first fruits.

Camila Escribens entered the top 10 in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. (Photo: Telemundo Capture)

While she was on the show, my driver Telemundo They announced that the Peruvian model had applied for the title of Miss Peru as many as three times, but was unable to win the crown until 2023. They also highlighted his time in the world of sports, which he had to retire for health reasons.

In the end, the lecturers confirmed this Camilla ScribensAlthough he was born in the United States, he has always had a great interest in Peruvian culture, because his parents had a Peruvian restaurant, so he hopes to one day win a Michelin star.

Camila Escribens swimsuit show at Miss Universe 2023. Telemundo

There is no doubt that the Peruvian model has become one of the favorites in this beauty pageant, and Miss World experts have already warned that she could take the crown, because she has nothing to fear from the representatives of other countries, as she is in the same conditions fighting for the crown.

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Let’s remember that during his time in the preliminary round of the tournament Miss Universe In 2023, his model outfit caught everyone’s attention. His outfit was inspired by the tome (the knife used by pre-Columbian Andean cultures in religious ceremonies) and had a giant piece that opened up to reveal the rest of his clothing.

Despite his good performance on the platform. Camilla Scribens It didn’t make it into the top five Miss Universe. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to continue competing for the crown; However, it has left Peru’s name high, since 2020, no Miss Peru I entered this position.

Camilla Scribens – He was born in 1998 and is currently 25 years old. The model grew up in California, USA, and one of her biggest dreams was to become Miss Peru. Although she does not live in our country, from a young age she has participated in various beauty contests with the sole goal of becoming a recognized model.

Although she works as a model, she also studied and obtained an international business degree at a university in the United States. In Peru, she has an aunt who is known on Peruvian television for being a presenter, and we’re referring to Rebecca Escribens.

What time and where to see Camila Escribens at Miss Universe 2023. Infobae Perú.