November 28, 2023

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Sam Altman maintains contacts to return to his position as President of OpenAI|  technology

Sam Altman maintains contacts to return to his position as President of OpenAI| technology

The final word has not been written on the sudden dismissal of Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI. While the reason for the sudden dismissal remains unclear, specialized American media reported that Altman is conducting contacts and negotiations to regain his position. The company did not provide official information in this regard. The resignations that accompanied Altman’s ouster and investor jitters may ultimately upend the power battle taking place within the pioneering generative AI company.

the Technology publication the edge He was the first to report, citing several sources familiar with the matter, that OpenAI’s board of directors was in talks with Altman to return him to his position as CEO. One source said Altman is “ambivalent” about returning and wants major changes in governance.

OpenAI has a strange management structure. The principal is a non-profit (tax-exempt) organization that controls subsidiaries, including operations in which Microsoft has invested. Leadership of this community at the top is aligned with a board of directors consisting solely of Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist at OpenAI and one of its founders, and three independent directors: Adam D’Angelo, president of Quora; Tasha McCauley, technology entrepreneur, and Helen Toner, director of strategy at the Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technology. It remains to be seen that, having agreed to their dismissal, they are now willing to back down.

President Greg Brockman and CEO Altman were fired on Friday by the rest of the directors, in what some employees saw as a power grab that they attribute to Sutskever. In the background, there will be a pulse between those who want to accelerate the development of OpenAI and the company’s products and services as much as possible and those who emphasize security and risk and are in favor of measuring every step to the millimeter. Altman considered himself to be at an intermediate point in this tension, while Sutskever maintained a very cautious stance. Since ChatGPT’s overwhelming success, launching new products and looking for investors with high valuations for the company may have tightened the rope too much. In any case, there was no detailed explanation of the reasons for Altman’s dismissal.

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That the executive-turned-AI ambassador would hold talks with the board about his return would be a result of the earthquake that caused his departure. After his dismissal, Brockman resigned, and a wave of resignations from other key employees followed that may not have ended yet. according to the edge, Altman and Brockman talked with friends and investors about the possibility of starting another AI company.

After what the edge, A very influential Silicon Valley newspaper reported on the negotiations He was wall Street Journal, The bible of business journalism, which asserted that OpenAI’s investors (including Microsoft and venture capital firm Thrive Capital, major outside shareholders), are the ones pushing the effort to reinstate Altman.

The New York Times reported that the CEO was considering the possibility of a return, but told investors that he wanted new advice to accept his return. The outlet also reports that Altman has been considering creating a new company that would employ a significant portion of OpenAI’s employees, and that he is now deciding between the two options.

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