July 5, 2022

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Camilo Alejandro Sanz surprises with his participation in Factor XS - People - Culture

Camilo Alejandro Sanz surprises with his participation in Factor XS – People – Culture

The Colombian singer, Camilo Echevre, has once again caused a sensation on social media because of an emotional video clip in which he appears with Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, with whom he will release a song in the coming days.

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The clip was posted on Instagram and both singers were seen on the beach. At this stage, Camilo Sanz showed on his cell phone a video clip of 15 years ago, when he participated in a popular musical reality show that won: Factor X.

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When the Colombian singer participated in this competition in 2007, He managed to translate two of Sanz’s most famous songs: “Corazón parte” and “When Nobody Sees Me”.

At the time he was only 13 years old, and while he admitted he was a little “ashamed” to see him sing his songs, he also expressed that the fact that he’s with him today, and work, makes great sense.

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For his part, Alejandro Sanz was deeply moved when he watched the video, and In the end, he ended up having a fraternal embrace with the Colombian singer, who managed to attract many of his followers with the clip.

Some of the messages from his fans that stood out were: “Here I am crying after your career since that first audition. A dream come true for many of your fans too”, “Sacrifice and effort bring all that we have always dreamed of, hug my brother”, “Happy to see you achieve your dreams.” “

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