August 14, 2022

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In which areas should Botox not be applied | Health | magazine

One of the most effective treatments for the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging on the face botulinum toxinPopularly known as Botox. This substance works by relaxing the facial muscles, hiding signs of fatigue and tightening the skin.

Although the effect of botulinum toxin application lasts about 4 months, it is still so Aesthetic treatment number one. However, the problem people who decide to apply Botox often face is not knowing when to stop.

Doctors specializing in cosmetology and dermatology recommend applying Botox to the upper third of the face to avoid negative consequences for patients. This article is specifically intended to correct signs of expression between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet” and around the eyebrows.

Speak with esthetician and botox specialist, Leo Cerud secrecy About the danger of injecting botulinum toxin in other sites.

“In the United States it is also used on the neck to correct those collar-like bands that appear around, on the chin to improve the appearance of a ‘stoned’ chin showing rough skin that looks somewhat orange, on the mouth or up the tip of the nose, but in all of these cases the risks of poor appearance outweigh the results.Personally, I would prefer not to do it,” Cerrod explained.

He also referred to the harmful practice of diluting Botox with other substances as “ridiculous” and “illegal.” “I don’t think any professional would seriously resort to it. Diluted Botox works poorly and doesn’t last long, but the worst thing is that it causes unwanted effects, like eyelid drooping, and no one wants that for their patients,” the doctor said.

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For this reason, before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, specialists recommend comprehensive consultations and research to their patients. Since then, it is necessary to make a personal assessment of the doctor in charge of the case Everyone is different and needs different doses.