May 18, 2024

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Can we really buy a star or is it a scam?

Can we really buy a star or is it a scam?

Let’s see what’s behind this Legal but fraudulent This will make you lose Euros on something that doesn’t really have an expiration date or is being used for nothing.

Giving away a star is nothing

In recent years, it has become fashionable to rename a star with a name The original gift. For this, certain claims such as “give a star to a special person”, “the brightest gift”, “star name” are used. This means that the said star will become your property because on top of that it is being sold with a “certificate and star map”.

However, in addition to the blessing they can do for the person to whom these certificates are awarded, it must be borne in mind that there is in reality nothing like what is promised to those who sell them. It must be remembered that the only body capable of managing and modifying the list of star names is the IAU (International Astronomical Union).

This, moreover, is governed by it scientific standards Not-for-profit, so you can’t even go in there with your money bag and apply for someone’s property or put your name on it. As an international scientific organization, the IAU disassociates itself entirely from the commercial practice of “selling” names of fictitious stars, names of surface features, or real estate on other planets or moons in the solar system.

So what exactly are we buying? exactly like Javier Armentia announcesDirector of the Pamplona Planetarium, in fine print “They sell you the possibility of giving a name to a celestial body, something that they will collect in a book that they will also sell to you. It’s kind of Fake title deed«.

Heavenly trick

Taking into account that There is no official As for giving away stars from these online sellers and the only thing you’ll get is that fake testimonial, Armentia recommends a change of heart.

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«Select the star you want to give away and make a lightning certificate, an embellished letter, and if you want even with a stamp. Put it in a frame. Also, they can get a picture of that star Sinbad Or any other serious star database. Then give it in a pretty wrapper. Cheaper, more personal, and at the same value as if you bought it in one of these stores.”

The IAU has also been warning about these scams for some time: The International Astronomical Union frequently receives requests from people who want to buy stars or name stars (or any other astronomical object). Some commercial companies claim to provide such services for a fee. However, these “names” They have no formal or formal legitimacy.

Some bright stars have proper names, especially those with Arabic, Greek or Latin origins (for example, Vega), but otherwise the vast majority of stars have Alphanumeric labelswhich consists of an abbreviation plus a celestial index number or location ».