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Capcom announced that the Monster Hunter series has sold more than 100 million copies

Capcom announced that the Monster Hunter series has sold more than 100 million copies

09/13/2023 Monster Hunter Now Research Multiplayer Policy and Technology NIANTIC

There are privileges that transcend generations and beyond where you grew up. Monster hunterwhich debuted in 2005 for PlayStation 2A clear example of this. The saga is in one of its best moments Capcom Feel free to mention that, as I mentioned that the license has surpassed 100 million units sold worldwide.

A continuous and balanced rise thanks to the launch of wonderful titles in recent years such as Monster Hunter World In 2018 and Rise of the Monster Hunter For 2021. This latest game is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox series, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And Computer Its sales exceeded 15 million, marking another resounding success for the franchise.

Capcom He stated that the great impact that the 2018 production had among fans and critics put the saga on the level of global recognition. This moment was a crucial milestone for the company, like subsequent games, e.g Rise of the Monster Hunter and its expansions, received more significant support upon introduction.

Through updates, bug fixes and additional content such as Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreakthe company kept its community captivated and interested, as they prepared for the arrival of the next title in the saga: Monster Hunter Wilds. This new rendition was announced at the awards ceremony Game Awards 2023with its launch date brought forward to 2025, although no specific date has been set.

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