July 1, 2022

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Carlos Rivera's song helped Andrea Escalona overcome her mother's death

Carlos Rivera’s song helped Andrea Escalona overcome her mother’s death

Andrea Escalona shared an intimate moment with Rivera (Image: Screenshot / Today)

November 1, 2020 Magda Rodriguez, the mother of Andrea Escalona, ​​passed away suddenly. And so, more than a year after his mother passed away, a driver Today revealed that a song by Carlos Rivera It was he who helped him overcome the pain he had experienced with his mother’s passing.

“In the most difficult moment of my life when I lost Magda, the first thing I wanted to do on Sunday, Went to get tequila and put ‘Remember me’ The morning presenter told Rivera in an interview.

Likewise, Escalona stated that it was a very important moment for her and noted that one of the most important values ​​of melodies is the ability to connect with the people listening to them.

And you also sang to me in wasting that time, and I think this is the purpose of music that fills your soul, touches your feelings, When you can fall in love or touch a memory, he shares.

Before these words, Carlos Rivera did not shut up and thanked what Andrea shared with him. In addition, he added that he felt great appreciation not only for the driver, but also for his mother.

Escalona gave an interview to Rivera (Image: Instagram / @_carlosrivera)
Escalona gave an interview to Rivera (Image: Instagram / @_carlosrivera)

As you don’t know how much I love you, That I have Magda and this is for me to be able to have these songs that I know are accompaniment For people in very difficult and very difficult times, it is satisfying

The Tlaxcala native stressed that part of being a singer is bringing meaningful words to the audience and take the opportunity to make a touching promise to the Televisa presenter.

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“Through music while we remember people and hold them in our hearts, now we are here I promise I will remember you often And Magda,” he said, moved.

In an interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castaneda, Escalona at the beginning of 2021 admitted the difficult moments she experienced after the unexpected death of her mother.

One day before his death, Magda Rodriguez spoke with her daughter to tell us that she had been feeling unwell all that week and had asked her not to see her, because she suspected she had coronavirus..

“Magda talks to me and says (…) “Don’t come,” but why, Mom? “(I say),”No, because I have the virus, and I said ‘Mom, if I have the virus, I have the virusShe remembers Andrea, who confirmed that her mother forbade her from going to look after her.

The driver remembered her mother (Image: Instagram / @andy_escalona)
The driver remembered her mother (Image: Instagram / @andy_escalona)

Thus, due to a strange feeling, the next day Escalona decided to contact the woman who takes care of her mother and when she went to see Magda she realized that she was no longer alive.

“My girl walks to see her, I swear to you my text in my head is: “If something happens to my mother, I will die” (…) And cut the “A”, my girl this way “Miss, don’t breathe.”Andrea remembers.

The host delved into the health problems suffered by the product and ruled out any chronic disease: “Magda I was overweight but sick? We’ve never tested for Covid, and I don’t know if he had it. ulcer burstI didn’t even know I had an ulcer,” he said at the time.

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