August 7, 2022

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Carlos Vives and the day Amparo Grisalis taught him to kiss in soap operas |  my name |  TV Shows |  TDEX |  Lights

Carlos Vives and the day Amparo Grisalis taught him to kiss in soap operas | my name | TV Shows | TDEX | Lights

He was a stellar guest as he spoke with Dani Alejandro Hoyos about his 40-plus-year career as it must be remembered that in addition to being a musician, he is remembered by many Colombians for his appearances in classic national television productions and his life. The first romantic scenes.

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The artist commented on her experience on television that the samarium revealed a fact that only a few of his followers know, and then disclosed it. It was the woman who taught him to kiss, and this confession left him more than very surprising. According to Carlos Vives, it all happened when they both starred in the novel “Tuyo es mi corazón”, the story of which was based on and produced by Juan Jose Hoyos. in 1985.

“Yes practically. I remember my kiss with Amparo at the head of the novel “Tuyo es mi Corazón” and the first version was quite revolutionary, because you can see how languages ​​intertwine; it was a real kiss. It was a kiss that had to be taken off the air at that moment because it was revolutionary”The famous singer responded to Soso.

Reactions to these words quickly arose, and viewers of the program expressed on social media the astonishment that this generated in them. In addition, they remembered the claim that the “singer of the singers” Claudia Elena Vazquez, the wife of Carlos Vives, when she sent her birthday message.

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“Hi beautiful Carlos!! Tell your wife to remove the filter, it is impossible to talk to you or give you messages. Too much control!!”, Amparo Grisales wrote at the time and added some laughs to soften the claim. The arrival of the translator of “Land of Oblivion” and “Compiana” did not take long, and he clarified the situation, returning praise to whoever was his kissing mentor: “On the contrary, had it not been for Claudia, I would have been completely cut off from the outside world! He always gives me your messages I love you!!”.

The 60-year-old artist, along with great actors, starred in many series and serials, where she is remembered for embodying such famous characters as “Galito” Ramirez and the famous composer Rafael Escalona. In this way, Vives captured the crowds in America and Europe with the beats of Clásicos de La Provincia, an album with which he broke his own sales record (triple gold record and triple platinum record in 1993 and 1995), which held Escalona’s vocals.

He also managed to put songs by Vallenato artists such as Emiliano Zuleta, Juancho Polo Valencia, Luis Enrique Martínez and Carlos Huertas, among others, at the top of the pop charts. In May 2016, he posted his new single La bicicleta in a duet with , which debuted at number one in the It became the twelfth place for Carlos Vives in his musical career, emerging as the third number one Latin artist on the Billboard chart.

The singer is now promoting his latest project: “Encanto,” the new Disney-based Colombia animated movie that explains its main theme, as well as several songs featured in the movie, which will premiere next Wednesday, November 24, and promises to be A success in the theaters of the national territory.

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