January 17, 2022

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Carmen Salinas health: what's the latest news?  |  Coma state |  Mexico |  Televisa |  My fortune is to love you |  the answers

Carmen Salinas health: what’s the latest news? | Coma state | Mexico | Televisa | My fortune is to love you | the answers

Mexican actress Picture of Carmen Salinaswho underwent two operations in a private hospital in Mexico City after contracting brain attack His family stated to the media in his country that he began to interact positively.

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This was said by Gustavo Briones, the actress’s 82-year-old nephew Carmen Salinas’ brain began to shrink And she responded to the two operations she was subjected to: “You see a slight decrease, not enough but something is; the body has already started its natural process”, Briones explained in data reproduced by .

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His granddaughter Carmen Placencia, who was in contact with the Mexican media, spoke in the same vein: “It’s decreasing little by little, in the last CT they did and it was seen and that’s fine, we have to wait, but it’s stable”, She said.

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Carmen Salinas is in a coma After suffering a stroke on the night of Wednesday, November 10. currently I was on assistive breathing In the intensive care unit of Star Medica Hospital, located in the Roma district, an upper-middle-class area of Mexico defender.

“She started getting upset from moment to moment… She was watching her series, then they called us that she had passed out.”Placencia said after the accident.

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During your stay in the hospital and because of your coma, Carmen Salinas had to undergo two operations which recovers positively,” according to . They confirmed that he was “stable” and that “the surgical intervention was carried out without any complications.”

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Picture of Carmen Salinas exposed to Already one It will allow oxygen and nutrients to enter your body, respectively.

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As a result of the stroke, the eight-year-old actress left her participation in the telenovela “My Fortune Loves” at the ready, which began broadcasting on November 8, 2021, Televisa.

“If he regains consciousness, he must undergo a rehabilitation process that does not allow him to engage in a short-term work activity.”The family said in .

As a result of this situation, the TV house Carmen Salinas, about actress Maria Rojo in turn Margherita Dominguez Nigrit, or “the Magi”, from fiction. In addition, a decision was made to re-record some of the extracts that Salinas originally left behind. The telenovela, since its first show, has remained the largest audience in Mexico, with an average viewership of over 7 million viewers per episode.

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What happened to Carmen Salinas? The 82-year-old Mexican actress is one of the hottest actresses in her country, with a career of over six decades, both in film and television. The actress is now in a delicate health condition. According to the first reports, reported by his relatives, he will be in a coma and on a ventilator.

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