December 9, 2023

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Celine Dion’s sister reviews the artist’s health condition  Present

Celine Dion’s sister reviews the artist’s health condition Present

In 2022 the singer Celine Dion He revealed the health problems he suffers from. The Canadian artist said that she suffers from stiff person syndrome.

The artist explained, in a video broadcast on social media, that she has been suffering for a long time “Health problems” Which was recently diagnosed ‘A very rare neurological problem’known as Tough person syndromeA neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and is characterized by bouts of stiffness and spasms in the muscles of the trunk, arms, and legs.

Celine referred to this disease as Cause of muscle spasms Who suffers. These are sensitive health problems It led her to cancel the tour Which was planned for this year. “I’m so sorry to let you down again. I’m working hard to get my strength back, but being on tour can be very difficult, even when you’re 100%.”Dionne explained.

In these difficult moments, Dion supports her entire family, receiving all their love from them. Her sisters were responsible for updating the artist’s health condition. It was last August when his older sister, ClaudetteHe presented a report on Celine’s health condition and talked about the star’s efforts to find the optimal treatment.

And now the translator’s sister My heart will go onHe spoke again about Dion’s health and the medical process he is undergoing and said: “I know you’ve been to Denver a few times because there are excellent researchers there and I’m making sure you don’t hesitate. That’s all we can do. Tell her how much we love her and wish her good luck.”.

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Additionally, she revealed that they try to teach Celine all the positive messages they receive for her: “We have beautiful love letters, which we try as much as possible to receive because they are morally and mentally strong. She’s not depressed at all, on the contrary, she really enjoys life, (says) ‘We’ll get through this, I’m listening to everything (the doctors) tell me and I’ll literally do it because I want to come back.'”.

Support Shania Twain

Earlier this month, Shania Twain He wanted to pay tribute to the singer and hoped it would be Dion “Sing again for all of us”.

Celine Dion and Shania Twain at the 2003 Billboard Music Awards. / As a visitor

While speaking with Billboard, Shania shared a heartfelt message, wishing her friend and fellow singer the best. “I hope to reach out to her at some point,” Twain told the publication. “I am a big fan of Celine’s voice. “She is an extraordinary and unique singer.”.