May 21, 2024

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Cell phone “comes to life” after being placed near a stove

Cell phone “comes to life” after being placed near a stove

Cell phones usually offer incredible “surprises”.. In recent days, there was a case of a mobile phone falling from the 19th floor of a building in Bogota and practically nothing happened to it, it was not damaged. Now, on social networks a viral video is being posted How does a cell phone “refresh” after being placed near a stove?

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It’s about a Samsung J7 phone The one has a black screen which, judging by the photos, undergoes a rather strange remodeling (repair) process when a man holds it over the flames of a gas stove. After a few seconds the mobile phone turns on.

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In the video broadcast by the social media network, the recorded man turns on one of the stoves and picks up his cell phone while it is turned off. At that moment, the video recorder asked him in surprise: “Heat up the cell phone?”, to which he calmly responds while turning the cell phone on, “See how it turns color.”

The cell phone survived a 19-story fall

Recently a video was released, also via X, in which you can watch the journey of the cell phone that fell from the 19th floor of a building in Bogotá. The most amazing thing is that the cell phone was “left intact.”

Through her account on X, calligrapher and visual artist Natalia Callao, who has more than 20,000 followers, shared a recording of the eye-catching moment.

“My cell phone just fell out of a 19th floor window and nothing happened to it!!!! It was intact!! And I have video of the exact moment” (sic and in all caps), The woman accompanying the registration noticed.

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In the video, in fact, you can see through the cell phone camera itself – in fast motion (time-lapse) mode – the path taken by the device from the window of Kalaw’s apartment, which was recording the Bogotá skyline.

The woman said about the condition of her cell phone: “This phone is not damaged at all!!! It has a small scratch on the protective glass, but nothing more than that.” After what happened.

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