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Ecuador’s three victories in the CONMEBOL Sudamericana

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ESPN.comOctober 25, 2023, 8:19 pmReading: 2 minutes.

The Liga de Quito team is competing for the CONMEBOL Sudamericana title against the Fortaleza team, This is the fifth time in history that an Ecuadorian team has played in the final of this competition.


“The Great Conquest” is a tournament that has been good for Ecuadorian football, considering that in the Copa Libertadores there have been good seasons, but in the history of the most important tournament on the continent at club level, only “Albus” managed to win it as a representative of the Tricolor.

After Argentina (9) and Brazil (5)who largely dominate all types of CONMEBOL competitions, as for the Sudamericana, Ecuador is the third league to have won this competition the most number of times, namely LDU in 2009 and Independiente del Valle in 2019 and 2022. In addition, the King of Cups finished second in the 2011 edition and will play a new final on October 28.

The best campaigns of Ecuadorian clubs

IDV has won the “Great Conquest” award twice, Both were in their only final form, In 2019, they defeated Colon 3-1 in Paraguay, and in 2022, they beat São Paulo 2-0 on Argentine soil. Being the only Ecuadorian team present in the selected group of clubs to have won the Sudamericana twice.

The current finalist, Liga de Quito, was the 2009 champion when it won 5-4 on aggregate over Fluminense at the legendary Maracanã stadium.. He was also runner-up in 2011 after losing the final match to the Chilean national team. Furthermore, he reached the semi-finals in 2004 and 2010. It is worth noting that Ahly Al-Asimah is the sports organization with the highest number of points (149) in this competition since its inception in 2002.

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Emelek had a distinguished participation in the 2014 edition when he reached the quarter-finals With a one-goal difference, they were on the verge of the semi-finals, after losing 6-5 on aggregate to Sao Paulo.

LDU Loja is another club to mention, despite its disappearance in 2022, it was a team that was not big in Ecuador. In the 2012 edition they beat Nacional of Uruguay as a visitor and Qualified for the first time to the round of 16, It was eliminated on penalties by Sao Paulo, which ended up becoming the champion that year.

On October 28, against Fortaleza, LDU Quito will play in the CONMEBOL Sudamericana final for the third time and will seek to win it for the second time in its history; On the other hand, he gave Ecuador its fourth victory and remained one point away from the Brazilian League.

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