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Charge your Quest 2 while using the Quest Link

Charge your Quest 2 while using the Quest Link

Often we are interested in playing with Quest 2 to PCVR via USB cable To play Quest Link, however there is a problemwhich is that Device battery is reduced It can not be downloaded while using it.

It is clear that This is one of the best accessories What can you buy you Quest 2 or Quest Pro (It is also PICO 4 compatible). Although use Quest Link is the best way to See computer gamesalmost as if it was always with the original cable We will have this inconvenience.

How do I charge my Quest 2 while using Quest Link?

Unfortunately this is something It happens to everyone This is mainly due to the fact that motherboards from our computers They are not able to get enough strength to get electricity Charge your Quest 2 or Quest Pro while we use it With QuestLink.

to Fix this little problemI found cable Works very well from the brand JSAUX. This cable is not only allowed to use best composition come to use 120 frames per second, but also Holds a charge for a long timewhich guarantees that Never run out of battery When do you play.

JSAUX Quest Link Cable 5m

cable in particular 5 meters longwhich will help us to play anywhere near it Our computer tower. this Coated nylonwhich makes it easier for Don’t make too much tanglesomething that will be great for us when we use it constantly.

What are the problems with this cable?

One of the main drawbacks that I found Is that it has more rigidity than I would likeSo at certain times We may notice the wire on our backs, legs, etc. oh well, At the end is a cable And any slight touch we have It will hurt us.

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his wire 3 different connectorsone wire ending with A USB Type C. with 90º elbowThis is the link that I’d go for Quest 2 or Quest Pro. To facilitate constipation, bring small bar velcro It would help us keep it Our belt system.

A 90-degree USB C connector for the Quest 2 that allows you to charge the device while using it in PCVR

the wire He has a hip flaskwhere did they come from 2 completely different cables. shorter with file USB Type Awhich you need to do Connect to your motherboard from behind and a USB Type C port Which is the person you will have to contact Charger compatible with your device.

My lab tests and info

According to the manufacturer itself, the cable It will allow us to keep the shipment Fixed Quest 2 or Quest Pro while we use it Connected via USB to a computer As we can see in the official graph. clearly These results were obtained in laboratories and my tests They are not 100% accurate..

In my case, I ran the tests in both Quest 2 as in Quest Pro And you I can guarantee What will you get Endless hours of playing PCVR He wears This USB cable. In my Quest Pro, starting from 90% Related battery 100% screen brightnessafter 2.5 hours use only Battery decreased by 6%. We were talking about stayed at 84%not bad considering that for 5 hours of use, if we make a rule of three It’s only going to be down 12% overall.

In subsequent tests, in total 3 hours of use at 100% of the battery and 50% brightness From the screen, Quest 3 ended me with a stretch 96% battery. What is a file Consumption of 4% in 3 hours from constant use.

JSAUX Link Cable 5M with 5V and 2A charger

If we talk about Quest 2starting with a 100% battery with 100% screen brightnessin 1.5 hours of use I just came to It consumes 4% battery. which does the old computation, in 3 hours of use will only descend a 8% batterySome interesting data.

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Removing the USB 2 cable that charges while using Quest Link

For all of these tests, V.I USB C connector end link The original charger for Meta Quest 2 that have strength 5 volts and 2 amps and Mosul USB A in the back of my computerIe on the back of the motherboard. It is possible that all the data you obtained It looks changed Depending on the charger used, but the interesting thing is that in the worst case we can have more than 24 hours straight For use without draining the battery.

My opinion on this cable is that it does its job more than it does its job, I don’t think anyone has more than 24 hours straight using your virtual reality device, so it can be said while All your gaming hours You won’t have to worry about the battery. So JSAUX connection cable He is Totally recommended If what you are looking for is to download a battery while using Quest 2 or Quest Pro with the computer.

Anyway if you don’t know How to get the most out of it To your Quest 2 connected to the PC, I leave you the tutorial so that you can Brutal quality.