April 22, 2024

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Check if you qualify for it

Check if you qualify for it

The IRS announced it About 1.5 million residents of the United States what are they Eligible for a tax refund of up to $900.

But for the sake of collecting cash He also announced a deadline for who would qualify to claim it.

Here we tell you what you need to do to find out if you are among the eligible persons, How and when to file the declaration to receive a check of up to $900.

Who is eligible to receive the check?

the Unclaimed refunds Belongs to approximately 1.5 million US residents who have not yet filed a tax return for the 2019 tax year.

Therefore, everyone in this situation is eligible to receive the money.

“Tax returns for 2019 were due during the pandemic, and many people may have ignored or forgotten about refunds,” IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel stated just a few days ago.

“We want taxpayers to claim these refunds, but time is running out. People have July 17th to file their statements. We recommend shareholders start early to make sure they don’t miss out.”

The deadline to file a tax return for 2019 is Until July 17, 2023 And although there are still a few months left, it is recommended to do it as soon as possible.

In the United States, the law states that taxpayers have up to 3 years to file and claim tax refunds.

If not provided within the estimated term, these funds automatically become part of the United States Treasury.

In this particular case, it was decided to give more time due to the health crisis it has been through since 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19.

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How is the 2019 tax return submitted?

the Forms 1040 and 1040 SR For the 2019 tax year are available on the official IRS website, though they can also be requested by calling 800-829-3676.

It’s important for taxpayers to know that even if you qualify and file your form by the stated deadline, before July 17, your refund may be withheld if you haven’t filed your returns for the 2020 and 2021 tax years.

In the same way, for your 2019 return, you can gather information in various ways to complete it and for this, the IRS states that if you need it, it must be done in time so that you don’t miss the July deadline.

the Methods of collecting information for tax returns the following:

How much money will taxpayers receive?

The IRS appreciates that The average refund remaining to be delivered is $893which means that one part of the taxpayers will receive more money, and another part, instead, will receive less.

By failing to file their 2019 tax return on time, not only will many people miss out on refunds, but they’ll also be ineligible for thousands of dollars in other credits.

For example, many eligible workers are also eligible to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) set through 2019. Its value was $6,557.

It comes to low- and middle-income workers that lie between the following thresholds:

  • If you have 3 or more qualifying children with an income of less than $50,162 or $5,552 if filing together
  • Persons with two qualifying children must have income of less than $46,703 or $52,493 if applying married together
  • With one eligible child and income equal to or less than $41,094 or $46,884 joint deposit
  • If you have no qualifying children, it’s $15,570 or $21,370 for couples filing together.
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