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China celebrates National Day with an emphasis on great revitalization

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To commemorate the anniversary, public places and residential buildings put up flags and other metaphorical decorations.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the country have previously paid tribute to the martyrs of the Asian giant at the memorial dedicated to them in Tiananmen Square, the political center of this capital.

In addition, the President hosted a dinner in which he reviewed the successes achieved by China and the challenges it faces.

Addressing members of the diplomatic corps accredited here and other senior officials of the government and the Communist Party, Xi called for a new concept of national development that would allow the country to modernize and achieve the goal of great revitalization of the nation.

He warned of the challenges facing the Asian giant in an international context witnessing intense transformations.

“We must prevent major risks, promote high-level external opening-up, deepen reform, promote high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, and build a more resilient economy,” he stressed.

Xi called for increasing employment, strengthening the fight against poverty and solving other problems of concern to the people.

He said, “We are contemplating promising prospects. Unity is strength and trust is more precious than gold. We must raise our morale to overcome difficulties and move forward together toward the great goal of building a strong state and the nation’s renaissance.”

The President insisted on implementing the principle of one country, two systems and in this sense supported Hong Kong and Macau in developing their economies.

Moreover, he stressed adherence to the one-China principle, stressing in this regard that the reunification of the country is the greatest aspiration of the people: “It constitutes a historical necessity and no force can stop it.”

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Xi Jinping stressed that China has transformed over these 74 years from a poor country to a country that is prosperous in all aspects and seeks modernization.

As emphasized, the Chinese economy is showing “good growth momentum” and the overall situation of society remains stable.

China celebrates October 1 as a national holiday because on that date in 1949, the people, led by the Communist Party, declared victory in the war of liberation, in a ceremony in Tiananmen Square.

In connection with the anniversary, the so-called Golden Week is also celebrated, a government initiative to extend holidays, helping to expand the domestic tourism market and giving people more time for distant family visits.


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