May 19, 2022

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Christian Nodal poses for New Zealand’s Playboy magazine. On the cover! [fotos] – The Son of Puebla

Christian Nodal Continuing as a trend, this method is not due to its breakdown Belinda, But he was for a valuable contribution International Magazine For humans, the singer shared a series of new images on his social networks. ‘Playboy’ For the New Zealand edition.

There are many popular ones Countrymen Those who have acted in many famous films and shined abroad Adult Magazine, In the past Yuri, Alejandra Guzman or even YouTuber had already done so Contact Luisito. This time for the May edition, the country is located Oceania Decided that the translator ‘Bottle Bottle’ I will be on the cover.

In Photos The artist can be found in different places, while wearing different seasonal outfits Characteristic of his style. Shortly after sharing the release, he had already surpassed it 250 thousand ‘likes’, Was able to gather many opinions on that Congratulations At the moment.

Mexican playboy becomes international

With myth ‘Mexico’s playboy becomes international’, How they presented the regional music singer-songwriter for this magazine, he sat on the cover and modeled Natalie Lopez He stands behind with one hand on his chest. The following Images They both do different erotic poses.

“Christian Nodal, a 23-year-old regional Mexican singer, is breaking every barrier to his music from this playboy card, giving us a glimpse of who is behind closed doors. The humble singer from the humble beginning is the ultimate lover boy and we love his journey as much as his music. ” Wrote on one page.

Its layer They did not tell you wrong, He shared a behind-the-scenes video of his Instagram story where he met Natalie at a photo shoot. According to local media, the magazine has already been distributed in many stores, so its fans in this country can go to their nearest store To get it.

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Nodal talks about splitting up with Belinda

Almost fulfilled Three months Belinda and Nodal ended their love affair, both of whom had a low profile Rumors It woke up, No. Whoever was in charge of denying or confirming them, just a few days ago the singer decided to break the silence.

“What I can tell you is that I am Or not objects of money, Not all that is spoken, many things and many stories are spoken. What We were exposed To more love and many worlds Beautiful moments That is the way it should be, “he said in an interview with Televisa Espectagulos.

He said he only wanted his former life: “Sometimes people forget that I am a human being and I do not forget that I have millions of followers. People forget that I’m human, that I’m 23 years old, that I’m learning and that life makes me a better teacher, (…) beyond that, I’m fine, she’s fine, I hope she always works wonderfully. ”.