May 17, 2022

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US Border Patrol confirms the presence of crocodiles in the Rio Grande

On Saturday, the US Border Patrol confirmed that In the Rio Grande there are crocodiles. At the beginning of May, several media outlets alerted immigrants to the presence of these dangerous animals in the area through which they cross into the United States.

On their Facebook account, they shared a photo of a crocodile in the Rio Grande, the US-Mexico border.

Crocodiles ask a lot of questions! Said the source mentioned with a pun on the crocodile, the name of one of the species.

“With this photo, the Border Patrol confirms the presence of crocodiles in the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande in Piedras Negras, Coahuila and Eaglepas, Texas and they are huge crocodiles as you can see. Watch out, don’t risk it, no cross, it is very dangerous,” She said ImpactVision NewsIt is one of the media that warned of the presence of crocodiles.

“In this way a few months ago we warned of the intentions of the ranchers on the American side through which immigrants cross, trample on crops that spoil and ranchers lose millions of dollars in merchandise.”

It is said that the Texas Ranch Association suggested dumping alligators in the Rio Grande to solve the problem without caring about the deadly dangers this posed. The source added that those were rumors since the end of last year, and now we see it as a reality.

As mentioned ImpactVision News May 3 lastAnd Large crocodiles are frequently seen in the Rio Grande between Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras. They were spotted by fishermen and border guard agents and recorded videos or photos.

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Over the weekend, a woman from Piedras Negras recorded a video with her cell phone of what appeared to be a lizard in the Rio Grande, near the Second International Bridge.

This is not the first time this has happened, as they are known to live in the deepest parts of the river and although they are not native to this area, they could have easily accessed and adapted.

In the summer of last year, two crocodiles were seen by border guards who were making their way north of the city, at the height of the Hoppedal sector.

Also a few years ago, workers from Maverick County (Eagle Pass) bumped into an alligator in Seco Creek that flows into the Rio Grande.

The previous source added that there are crocodiles in the Rio Grande, but so far there has been no documented attack by these animals on poachers or migrants.

for this part, lake sun She seized a letter from a Texas group to close the border.

“We have to capture hypothetically 1,000 adult alligators, and take them to Val Verde, Texas. And we release them in the Rio Grande, actually alligators would be better hypothetically, and I understand they have a problem with the putra rats there. It’s always better to control nature, with nature Nutra rats are carriers of many diseases and end up in private lakes and waterways, where they are unwanted!”