November 28, 2023

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Cielo Torres and the experience of recording with Karol Sevilla, her defense of the singers who perform the songs, and her respect for Sergio Jorge

Cielo Torres and the experience of recording with Karol Sevilla, her defense of the singers who perform the songs, and her respect for Sergio Jorge

Cielo Torres still trusts Sergio Jorge and defends the musicians who perform the songs. (Instagram)

Sky Towers She is one of the singers making her way in the Peruvian music scene. The Tacna native is very clear about what she wants to achieve in her career and does not waste the opportunities that life offers her.

That’s why after building a great friendship with him Carol SevillaMexican actress and singer who was invited to be a part of it “Chola Shabuka Circus.”She decided to record a song with her that gradually gained the love of the Peruvian and Mexican public.

In addition, he defended his fellow singers and admitted that this was part of a strategy for singers to earn a name in the tough Peruvian music industry.

In addition, he does not rule out working with him in the future sergio george, After contracting with Shimboom music, I finish. He is considered a producer with a strong global presence and does not waste his great advice.

Sky Towers speak with Peru information He told us how the friendship with the famous Mexican personality was born. Carol Sevilla And how they decided to record a song together called “My sister is happy.” It blends Peruvian cumbia music genres with regional Mexican music.

Former singer L Beautiful water He commented that he met the protagonist of the novel.I’m Luna In circus season Ernesto Pimentel Between shows they became close friends and realized that music was a shared passion between them.

“Between the dressing rooms, we realized we had a lot in common. We lived together in the circus for two months and had plenty of time to get to know each other,” he explained.

Cielo Torres and Carol Sevilla. Instagram.

Recalling that then came the possibility of composing a song and they both chose the genre that represented them, she said: “We decided to come together to compose a song, we named it Beto Gómez, we organized our ideas and the song came out,” she revealed.

Sky Towers She revealed that the theme of “Salud Hermana” was born as a way for women to feel represented and think that no matter what happens, they should always be united.

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“It happens sometimes, because of someone’s love abroad, that friends end up breaking up. What we want to show is that no matter what happens, what should prevail is friendship. We want it to be an anthem for our friends,” she said.

The song, which already has a video, has been very well received in many countries such as Mexico and Peru. For this reason, the national singer will go on a media tour in the Aztec country.

The 38-year-old singer He revealed that he maintains a good relationship and values ​​the friendship he has with him Sergio GeorgeAlthough her contract with him and Chim Pum Music was cancelled.

“We hit it off, we have a good relationship, we talk, and he always gives me the freedom to ask him anything I need to know. He knows a lot and will always contribute something good to my career.”

He does not rule out recording musical songs with her in the future Sergio George Because he considers “working with him a privilege.”

Cielo Torres releases a new song produced by Sergio Jorge.

Sky Towers He commented that covers are very important to an artist’s career because they help him become known. How did it happen to her with the cover? ‘It’s never enough’Salsa version of the singer Natalia Lafourcade. This song helped her position herself in the Peruvian salsa scene.

“Obviously as a singer you are looking for your identity and character. In my case, we were making covers, but now it’s time to work on something that has not been released yet, and that’s what I’m doing.

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As for his colleagues’ criticism of his coverage work, his position is clear, as he ignores bad comments that do not contribute anything to his profession.

“There will always be people who won’t like what you do, even when you release an unreleased song, they will always have something bad to say. Over time I’ve learned to do what comes from my heart and what makes me happy,” he noted.

Cielo Torres recounted the terrifying moments she experienced during a concert in Comas. (Instagram)

Popularity Sabrina l’The eyes of the magician You see, recording covers of a famous song is not a simple job, as it requires a big budget and copyright payment. It is considered a strategy so that the audience can get to know the artist.

“When you do things legally and correctly, you pay the record company that owns the song or the composer. Economically, it’s not a small expense at all. Using releases is more of a strategy than memorizing something, because it allows us to interact with people who know,” he explained. Lyrics already.

About the new song that the reality show winners just released. “Big Star” Carla Zapata and Indira Orbegoso with works Sergio George In production, Cielo championed the work of his colleagues and the world-class producer.

“It’s very easy to judge, but it’s up to the artist and the producer. It’s a song that Sergio produced and I was already thinking about it. I know because Sergio was working on the production of that song when we were at Chim Pum Music.

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The song that they published on digital platforms and also via video clip is a cover of the song “Solo se vivir una vez” by the artist Brown sugar. However, for zodiac signs it is a complete task that cannot be underestimated.

“People have to learn to appreciate musical arrangements, that’s the job. It’s a classic song that you heard in the form of a bolero or a ballad and you hear it in another rhythm, it’s different, it has another essence, another sound, everything changes even if it’s a copy,” he noted.

Cielos Torres was the host of “Domingos de Fiesta”.

In the wake of The fights between Leslie Shaw and Handawhere They accused each other of not singing well, refusing to cooperate with national artists and even belittling singers and music producers.

In this regard, the tropical music singer commented that every artist has his own personality to express what he thinks, but she asks them to turn the page and devote themselves to making music.

“I think that both Handa and Leslie have the freedom to express what they like and what they don’t like. So every girl’s opinion is respected. But, from now on, I think the best thing for them is to dedicate themselves to making and producing music, which is what we love.