November 30, 2023

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Comets could help planets across the galaxy form the building blocks of life

Comets could help planets across the galaxy form the building blocks of life

Comets can be messengers of the most important particles of life in the galaxy.

AI-generated image of a comet impacting a planet.

the lifeas we know it on Earth, can It comes from outside the planetPerhaps from our solar system, and perhaps from the Milky Way, as many experts confirm. Now, thanks recently investigationWe can delve a little deeper into an unusual theory that confirms that we are all children of the universe.

The journey of wandering comets through the galaxy

Richard Anslow, lead author of the study published in the journal Journal of Proceedings of the Royal Society Aexplains how it is possible lifeor at least The basic elements To evolve, it can It comes from a comet Sailing through outer space.

Research says so So that these comets can “deliver” Of those basic blocks of life, hers Speed It must be less than 15 kilometers per secondOtherwise the particles will not resist the temperature or speed of impact.

The study guarantees that The most likely places Where this surrender of life occurs in these Planetary systems at any The distance between the planets is not great. At this stage, The culprit could be a “liar” From the orbit of one planet to the orbit of another planet, slowing down on its way and making it possible to create life in some of these corners of the universe.

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Researchers do not claim that comets brought life to Earth, but they consider this possibility. It’s because of that Richard Anslow declares:

It is possible that the particles that brought life to Earth came from comets, so the same could be true for planets in the rest of the galaxy.

However, as you can imagine, several comprehensive computer models and analyzes were necessary to be able to do this Find out what kind of planets life could make its way toJust as it happened on Earth. Researchers claim that the planets orbiting A A star like the sunthey must have Low block And to be Near other planets.

However, planets orbiting red dwarfs would find it more difficult to obtain the conditions necessary for life, because collisions would occur at a higher speed. In this way, scientists have new ways to understand the origin of life and New methods to Searching In the distance Exoplanets If this could already contain Basic blocks To the emergence of, who knows, species like ours.