July 4, 2022

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Clippers win the decaffeinated Los Angeles Derby

Clippers win the decaffeinated Los Angeles Derby

The Los Angeles DerbyThe duel for the throne of Hollywood had no lights, no colors, no rock ‘n’ roll. A crude and ugly match despite the equality that ended in Los Angeles Clippers above their neighbors, Lakers, 119-115 And the feeling that all the past was better.

Clash in Staples Center Two teams are in a relative crisis. Neither of them were where they expected them to be, and the victims had infected their aspirations. For clippers, no Kohi Leonard Throughout the course, any success is good news. For the Lakers, it’s all drama.

Last night was again, even with LeBron James is back. The King had missed the final days of the competition after A .’s return False positive for covid-19 In some of your routine tests. Last night he was part of the top five but couldn’t guarantee a victory for his team.

Marcus MorrisSurprisingly inspired, he was a leading scorer for some Clippers who shared responsibilities and worked as a team in search of victory. Contrary to the gold and purple plan, it worked with them.

Morris finished with 21 points in an impressive streak of Ocean (6/9) as well as Luke Kennard (5/8) who did the same came off the bench. Fortunately, since 0/7 of Paul George Threaten to spoil the night.

Lakers, led again James and Anthony Davis More dangerous than what we’ve seen in the last month, they haven’t found a way to complete their comeback. Yes, they did go the distance in the last quarter but that wasn’t enough.

Davis ended the night with 27 points and 10 reboundsWhile LeBron went to 23, 11 sets and 6 passes. Besides the star duo, the Lakers are orphaned champions. Only 20 points from monk owner From the bench they managed to excel in a sad and poor team.

not even Russell Westbrook, with some incorrect numbers from him (10-2-9) he manages to drive the game a bit crazy. 48 minutes without a pinch of salt ended up falling on the Clippers side for one simple reason: They wanted him more.

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