May 17, 2022

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Completing Sekiro blindfolded seems impossible, but they did it in less than two hours

Completing Sekiro blindfolded seems impossible, but they did it in less than two hours

The Awesome Games Done Quick charity event gathers contestants quickly to raise money to fight cancer.

Speedrun is one of the most demanding hobbies in video games Lots of effort and sacrifice Dedicated to knowing every second of the game, and in some cases leading entire communities to work to get it Reveal formulas to reduce only a few seconds Signs. But when it comes to FromSoftware And its hard titles, everything seems to get more and more difficult.

He is able to defeat bosses guided by soundThe Michris case is already well known for attempting to carry out “still harder‘It wasn’t enough to end Sekiro: Shadows die twice Quick, if I don’t have to do it with closed eyes. This feat indeed I did it last year, and left us speechless as to implement the challenge. As you can imagine, Michris uses sound to transcend Hidetaka Miyazaki’s experiences.

On this occasion, the sprinter showed off his amazing skills in Great games made quickly, the Speedrun charity event, which this year overcame the most important challenge, the release in which it raised its first $2 million fastest. I also shared VGC, was total 3.416.730 dólares para la Prevent The Cancer Foundation.

Michris managed to memorize every step of the gameMichris spent months preparing At this moment, memorize every step of the game to finally be able to go through the entire map and beat difficult bosses with only the help of his ear and memory. The result was I was able to complete Sekiro Blindfolded in less than two hours، New strategies for which he was preparing.

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Each new FromSoftware title is surrounded by Muslim player communities striving to perform extraordinary feats, of popularity”don’t hit, where we must finish without taking a single hit, to sprints, by using infinite formulas, any of the most creative formulas to complete your games. We are sure of that elden ring We will not be left behind, but to see him we still have to wait until February 25th. And if you haven’t played yet Sekiro: Shadows die twiceRemember that in 3DJuegos you have available Our analysiswhere we count them What makes this demanding job so special.

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