May 17, 2022

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The price of a basic food basket in Mexico grows by 15 percent

The Consultative Group on Agricultural Markets (GCMA), in its latest report, indicated that at the end of 2021, to acquire the agri-food basket, the Mexican needed to exchange an average of two thousand 549 pesos ($ 125), while a year ago, he did so with two thousand 207 pesos ( 110 bucks).

This amount represents, for a family in the lowest part of the pyramid, that is, the one that receives the minimum wage, two extra days of work, because with this year’s increase, the small salary in Mexico is 172.87 pesos per day ($8.65).

The same family sees their monthly income of just over five thousand pesos ($100) dwindling, half of which must be used to buy basic farm foods such as tortillas, eggs, beans, milk, chicken, pork or beef, rice and salt. Sugar, bread, fruits and soups. With half of your income already committed, you’ll still have to incur basic expenses like paying rent, gas, electricity, and kids’ education, among other things.

According to Juan Carlos Anaya, President of the GCMA, the high levels recorded in public prices, especially those of the basic agri-food basket, are the clearest sign that inflation is the biggest tax paid by people with the least resources. in Mexico.

He added that the 15 percent increase in the price of the agricultural food basket last year came as a result of the disproportionate rise in products such as tomatoes, peppers, lemons, avocados and many other products, including corn. To the above are added foods with the largest consumption such as beef, pork, tortillas, beans and rice.

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Cuauhtemoc Rivera, president of the National Association of Small Traders (Anpec), explained that the increase in food prices was stronger due to the shortage due to the paralysis in which various production chains declined, such as meat, agricultural products, poultry and others. .

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