May 17, 2022

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Hugs and tears when the corona virus opens the "bubble" to travel between Australia and New Zealand |  The world

Hugs and tears when the corona virus opens the “bubble” to travel between Australia and New Zealand | The world

Family and friends hugged and reunited in tears after the first flight this Monday “Bubble” This allows for unrestricted travel between Australia and New Zealand after nearly 400 days of border closures due to corona virus infection.

On the slope of the airport runway in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, the words “Welcome Vanav” (Welcome to family, in Maori) are written in giant letters.

“This is a great day for families and their friends” Announced by the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Jacintha Artern, Who welcomes effective policy against Corona virus, In both countries.

This agreement allows passengers to fly between Australia Y New Zealand Without the need for mandatory isolation once you reach your goal.

According to Lorraine Vrat, a New Zealander she was locked up by an infection while she was with her family. Australia, Is “Fantastic” Can travel again.

“We are happy to be back home, but we are going to miss our family so much Australia) ”, Promised.

“We came to Australia to celebrate Christmas with our kids. We had planned to return in February, but it was a dream come true,” he said. He explained.

Prior to the outbreak, 40% of foreign tourists visited were Australians New ZealandAbout 1.5 million visits in 2019.

A mother, on the left, hugs her daughter as she arrives at Sydney International Airport from New Zealand, as Australia and New Zealand open an unbroken travel bubble through Tasmania. (Photo: Saeed Khan / AFP)

In turn, hundreds of thousands of foreigners live in New Zealand Australia And, before Corona virus, Many went on regular flights back to the archipelago. The journey takes three hours.

“Emotional Rise”

“It’s like a big country, so it’s very good to open borders. It will help all families.” Mehd El Masri told AFP he was looking forward to reuniting with his son Shady, who lives in Sydney, after 16 months.

The “bubble” was activated after several months of negotiations between these neighbors, and they were able to largely control the epidemic. COVID-19, Hailed as a major milestone in re-establishing the badly affected global aviation sector. Corona virus.

Greg Foren, CEO of Air New Zealand, described the day “Historical” For people working in the tourism sector who have been severely affected.

“This is a real change for the airline. It’s the first day of our rebirth.” Announced.

Company Director Craig Chuckling describes the atmosphere before leaving Sydney Airport “Electricity”. “This is a real emotional lift”, Agreed.

Australia He pointed out that other “bubbles” were exploring the possibility of traveling with Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. On your side, New Zealand Works to allow unrestricted access to residents of smaller Pacific states such as the Cook Islands or Tuvalu.

But the two leaders warned that further changes in the border closures enacted during the epidemic would be a slow process.

“The idea that one day everything will open is not going to happen” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

“It will be done with care and prudence, working hard on health and medical care”, He added.

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