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Conacyt will award direct scholarships to postgraduate students

Conacyt will award direct scholarships to postgraduate students

Starting in 2002, the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) will award Graduate Scholarships directly to the students, without intermediaryReported to its general manager, Elena Alvarez Buella.

The new scholarship application process will cover the fields of humanities, as well as artistic and creative disciplines.

The official explained that a new model will be implemented this year for granting scholarships for postgraduate studies with simpler procedures and the students themselves will be the ones who will apply for the scholarships, relieving the administrative burden on universities and Connecticut itself.

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Alvarez-Bella emphasized that the change will maintain full respect for the autonomy of universities, because their bodies and academies will determine graduate programs and admission criteria.

He emphasized that after a thorough diagnosis, it was discovered that Conacyt’s National Scholarship Application and Allocation System was “operating with distorted purposes and away from the true interests of scholarly endeavours, excluding students along the way, and even from some areas of complete knowledge.”

He noted that during the neoliberal period, Educational policies with a vision and business goals, Far from humanism and social justice, it “became an instrument of privatization that favored the transfer of millions of public resources to private higher education entities.”

Despite this, he said they will work alongside private universities.

He also considered that the delay in scholarships for students of humanities and creative and artistic disciplines was noticeable.

The official said that the postgraduate programs that received more attention did not contribute to the development of the country and did not address national priorities, and said that among those large groups are medical specialists and researchers in health fields.

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“The scholarship distribution will have a sense of public priority, the general right to education (…) without leaving anyone out,” he said.

The resource dispersal method will be applied to any field of the sciences and humanities, including creative disciplines and disciplines that are a priority such as the medical field; As well as in some technological fields.

In the case of the 26 public research centers in CONASET, he said that the allocation of grants will be comprehensive for all those accepted and those pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies within the public centers.

The official explained that students who have already signed their scholarship agreements with Conacyt, will continue to receive their scholarship as specified; The new scholarship form of outgoing calls will be applied this year.

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