June 12, 2024

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Confirmation of the tender for the bridge between Bolivia and Brazil

Confirmation of the tender for the bridge between Bolivia and Brazil

The owner said: “We will be present (…), at 3:00 pm (Brazil time) for the start of the international tender for this long-awaited bridge for Bolivia.”

He stated that Presidents Luis Arce and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, respectively, approved the comprehensive tender for the construction of the work, taking into account the modifications proposed by the Plurinational State.

He noted that the road infrastructure, which Brazil is financing to the tune of $70 million according to the 1903 Petrópolis Treaty, will be built in a “turnkey” or “mass tender” manner, which according to Montaño will shorten construction deadlines.

The Minister stressed that with the additions proposed by the Bolivian side, river navigation and land transit to the Atlantic Ocean will be guaranteed.

An agreement actually signed last October 2 between the Bolivian and Brazilian authorities stipulated that within 30 days a tender would be launched for the construction of the bridge over the Mamore Guayamerín – Guajara Mirim river.

Montaño and the Bolivian Vice President for Foreign Trade and Integration, Benjamin Blanco, co-signed that document and agreed that there were no grounds for lobbying measures with this request in the Bolivian province of Beni.

“(…) Today it is clear that the construction of the Guayaramerín-Guajará Mirim Bridge is being implemented and that the tender will be effective (…),” Montaño reiterated.

He then reiterated that the signed understanding is useful, responds to Bolivian interests, and denies the lies and disinformation spread in Guayamerín and the province of Beni with the aim of discrediting the national government.

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Through the Petrópolis Agreement, Bolivia ceded to the South American giant an area of ​​about 191,000 square kilometers, the area of ​​the current Brazilian state of Acre.

Previously, in 1867, in the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, the high country gave Brazil another 164,242 square kilometers of the Acre region, which was annexed to the then province of Amazonas and the current state of Amazonas.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the Brazilian Ambassador to Bolivia, Luis Henrique Sobreira Lopez, confirmed that the bridge tender process is going well, which reflects the good relations existing between the two countries.