January 19, 2022

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Corona Virus: Spain returns to a high risk of infection, but with a slower development and less hospitalization

Corona Virus: Spain returns to a high risk of infection, but with a slower development and less hospitalization

TheData on the evolution of the epidemic Corona Virus In Spain today, December 9, at a rate Cumulative injury rate of 305.57 riyals. However, it has also been emphasized that the evolution of this phase of the pandemic, with already high vaccination rate and without any restrictions, is more than slow better than its predecessors.

Thus, the current wave of the epidemic can only be compared to the wave of the past the summer, When vaccination It has already reached a significant extent and although below the current range, the most vulnerable groups have already been vaccinated and indoor activity is less.

currently, The cumulative incidence at 14 days of age was 305.57 points, and the positivity was 8.81%. What puts the epidemic in high risk According to injury criteria. Indicators began to rise on October 15 and October 13, respectively, making This ascending stage is in the longest period of the epidemic. Then the indices were 40.52 and 2.07, respectively, which means that the falls were hit at 7.54 and 4.2, respectively.

In the summer wave, the ascent began on June 3 (92.57) and reached 701.82 on July 27, 25 counts after, after. Positivity rose from 4.15% on June 21 to 16.22 on July 28.

despite this, The effect of these indicators on hospitalization is now much less than in previous waves. After nearly two months of increased infection, there 5,479 have been admitted, of which 1,041 are in the intensive care unit. In the summer wave, 10,578 were admitted and 2031 graduated in the intensive care unit (respectively, July 27 and August 9). However, it is expected that these current rates will continue to rise, given that there are no restrictions on activity, in line with what has already happened in the summer.

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The winter wave 2020 It took place in a completely different environment, at the beginning of the vaccination campaign and with it Many mobility restrictions. The increase in infection lasted from December 11 (189.56) to January 27 (889.53, maximum epidemic). It rose from 11,648 admissions to 32003 and from 2,100 ICU admissions to 4,984. Either way, epidemic heights. About one million injuries were recorded. Now, for all the time the current wave is developing, they have been added to about 290,000.

regarding deceased, from 88321 This is the sad overall balance of the epidemic, since the infection rate began to increase In the current wave 347 . has been added. In the winter wave of 2020, from the time the infection rate began to rise until it began to decline, about 10,000 people died. In the summer around 1600.