August 15, 2022

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Corona virus: Why does the US say Macau, New Zealand and Taiwan are the best places?  |  Covit-19 |  The world

Corona virus: Why does the US say Macau, New Zealand and Taiwan are the best places? | Covit-19 | The world

Is it safe to travel? According to the state department , There are some countries that can be visited with care throughout life, while others are not recommended It was out of hand.

In this note we have placed the magnifying glass on three sites that make up the first measurement – four, the largest created by countries that are asked not to travel.

That’s how it is Macau, New Zealand and Taiwan Was able to control the infection COVID-19?

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Portal – A United Nations-run platform dedicated to sharing information on global disaster mitigation – Last week Taiwan released a study on the recipe used to defeat the corona virus.

Only eleven people have died of COVID-19 since the outbreak, an impressive number for a country that has never been isolated.”Writes the report.

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Although it was initially feared that the virus would spread across the country (due to its proximity) China), The Taiwanese government was successful, partly due to experience SARS In 2003 That it does not “Well managed”.

With this in mind, the government quickly closed its borders and established the Central Command Center for Epidemiology (January 20, 2020) in charge.Coordinating cooperation between various government ministries and agencies and between government and business”.

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For him Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the reason for the success, very soon, they tookCase and population based activities”. Blocking Web Description:

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Case-based activities include test identification of victims, isolation of positive cases, contact tracking and 14-day isolation of close contacts. Population-based activities include mask policies, personal hygiene and social distance”.

Both ways of approaching the problem worked.

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According to reports University of Johns Hopkins, As of yesterday, three new cases have been registered.

The success of the administration has already been seen since March last year. Portal For that month, though very close to China, “The island is home to more than 23 million people“, I only recorded 100 positives and”A death knell”.

One of the most effective activities to mitigate the impact of infection is home self-isolation. In fact, those who do not comply with the isolation are fined up to $ 33,000.”, Writes the media.

The COVID-19 vaccine campaign continues in Taiwan. EFE

New Zealand

Earlier this month, New Zealand announced the creation of an airlift that caught the world’s attention Trans-Tasmanian bubble, It will be easier to fly and move Australia.

Why was he able to do that? The sea country, which records only 26 deaths due to COVID-19, seems to have overcome the health crisis.

His case is known Lowe’s Company of Sydney, Put them first in the list of countries that have best dealt with the epidemic.

The first place to get rid of the virus was obtained […] Boundary closures, locks and ‘Go fast, go hard’ test methods in English ‘Go fast, go hard’, The portal explains .

The latter refers to the severe isolation that has been sent since March 23, 2020, and has restrained 4.8 million civilians. .

The newspaper acknowledged the steps taken by the Prime Minister , who “The country had to send a total shutdown as soon as traces of the corona virus were found“And”In all other activities, all visitors were ordered to be isolated for 14 days”.

Yesterday was a positive, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Less information is available in Mecca, the official special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. According to Johns Hopkins University, the average number of infections over the past seven days is zero. Since the outbreak, only 49 people have been infected with COVID-19.

In an article Macau Trade, Reports of the head of state are collected Ho Iat ChengProud of his good work in fighting the epidemic, he hopes to attract tourists from China, the most important market for its economy.

Currently, and as mentioned by the company , The government maintains the recommendation to close schools, there are no closure measures for workplaces, no locking orders.

Even if foreign arrival activities are relaxed, travelers still need to be isolated.

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