December 1, 2021

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COVID-19: Capital Region Lowers Level of Preparedness – Ministry of Health

From 1 December, those over 55 years of age who have completed 6 months since they completed their vaccination schedule will be required to receive a booster dose to activate the mobility pass.

“The variance of new confirmed cases is 30% and 82% compared to seven and fourteen days, respectively,” Health Minister Enrique Paris said during the daily budget for the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Nationally, only one region has reduced their cases in the past seven days and two regions have done so in the past 14 days. The regions with the highest increase in confirmed cases in the past seven days are Magallanes, Coquimbo, Los Rios and Los Lagos.

The authority stated that “76% of the confirmed cases last week are under the age of 49.”

Regarding the metropolitan region, the Secretary of State reported that it “has the highest incidence, 69 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Arica, Barinacota, Antofagasta and Moli”. The nationwide incidence rate is 31 cases per 100,000 population.

“We have reported a significant increase in cases over the past week, exceeding 2,000 cases per day on some days, and again we are concerned about the situation in the metropolitan area, which on some days has exceeded 3% positive in PCR tests,” the portfolio owner said.

“This increase in cases is observed not only in Chile, but also in South America and part of Europe,” the foreign minister said. In this context, the Minister urged Paris to maintain sanitary measures, wash hands, use masks, ventilate indoor spaces, and maintain physical distancing.

booster dose

“Last week we implemented a citizen’s day listening to more than 200 social leaders who have been trained to be part of the health teams in your district, a program that seeks to enhance risk communication according to the local realities of different parts of the country,” the Undersecretary of Public Health stated, Paula Daza.

Along these lines, the authority stated that “although we will have the systematic results in the coming weeks, one of the teams’ concerns is how to encourage and motivate neighbours, friends and family to get the booster shot, an issue we are also concerned about as a government because there are 1,251 , 375 people over 55 who were vaccinated with their full schedule through June 13, and who have not yet received their booster dose.

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Accordingly, Undersecretary Daza announced that the offer of doses available to those over 55 years of age vaccinated with Sinovac will be expanded in their full scheme, and in this way, in addition to AstraZeneca, from today, they will be able to vaccinate Pfizer-Bioantek.

In addition, changes will be made to the Mobility Pass for this age group. Hence, from December 1, those over 55 who have already completed 6 months since the completion of their vaccination schedule will be required to receive a booster dose in order to be able to enable this document.

“We will be making changes to the Mobility Pass for this age group, effective December 1, those over 55 who have already completed 6 months since they received their second dose or one dose will be required to have their booster potion to be able to enable the Mobility Pass. their mobility, if these 6 months have elapsed since people over 55 have completed their scheme and have not received their booster doses, their mobility lane will be disabled and will be activated once the booster dose is over Those over 55, given the booster when it is due on schedule, not only to protect their health, which is the most important thing, but rather in order to be able to carry out the activities that the Mobility Card allows us to do,” Daza said.

hospital condition

Health Care Networks Agent, Alberto Dugnac, stated that “in the past month and a half, we have noticed a steady increase in the number of patients infected with the Corona virus,” stressing that “this past week, on more than one occasion, we have exceeded 2,000 new infections, as active cases were recorded. Its highest number since July this year.”

Regarding this situation, the authority said that “although we indicated a few days ago that this increase has not yet been reflected in the occupation of the critical family, we can now point out that this scenario has changed as a result of the high number of infections.”

Along these lines, Undersecretary Dojnak reported that “of the 1,799 patients who were hospitalized in the intensive care unit, 443 are infected with coronavirus, which is 25% of the total patients in the hospital. This means that 85 patients are more than 15 days ago. Of them, 64 last week.

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Regarding the admission of patients to intensive care units (ICU), the authority indicated that “as a result of the increase in the number of infections, the number of COVID-19 patients admitted daily to the intensive care unit showed an increase in the past week,” specifying that during the past seven days. 41% of patients admitted are non-immunized people.”

Undersecretary Dojnak noted that “the risk of hospitalization in an intensive care unit bed increases between 3 to 5 times for the unvaccinated, a difference that has remained constant in the past six months.”

The authority indicated that “when analyzing the number of deaths in recent weeks due to this disease, we can see that the death rate has maintained a continuous downward trend that we have been witnessing for some time, declining by 63% since the week of September 4.” .

Vaccination campaign against COVID-19

Minister Paris reported that 628,000 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines will arrive in the country this week

To date, 14016510 people have been vaccinated with the first and single doses, corresponding to 92.21% of the target population over the age of 18 years. Of these, 13,606,856 completed their vaccination schedule, which represents 89.51% of the target population over 18 years of age.

Meanwhile, 4,938,227 people were vaccinated with the booster dose, while 3,312,205 doses were given to children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years, of which 951,563 were given to children aged 6 to 11 years.

Undersecretary Dujnak addressed the 1,180,000 people who had not yet started their vaccination plan and said that “although we believe in people’s freedom, it is important that they take into account that cases are increasing, and a way to prevent a serious patient, hospitalization in the intensive care unit and death is by vaccination.” ».

“It is also important that all those who are scheduled to be vaccinated with the booster dose, attend to do so. Remember that both age and vaccination status are a very important risk factor when an ICU bed is needed for this disease.”

step by step plan

Help Networks Agent, Alberto Dugnac, has announced the following modifications to the gradual plan, which will exceptionally come into effect from Wednesday, October 27, 05:00.

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they advance to the initial opening, in the region of La Araucanía, in the municipality of Angoll; In Aysén, Chico municipality, Chile.

The metropolitan area is back in preparation. in Antofagasta, municipality of Taltal; in Atacama, municipality of Chanyaral; in Coquimbo, Municipality of Ilapel; in Valparaíso, the municipalities of El Tapo and Santo Domingo; in O’Higgins, the municipalities of Rengo and Pichilemu; in Mule, Hualani Municipality; in Biobío, the municipalities of Quilleco and Hualqui; in La Araucanía, municipality of Melipeuco; in Los Rios, the municipalities of Mavel and La Union; And in Los Lagos, the municipality of Puerto Octay.

It goes back to Retricción, in the district of Maule, Province of Retiro.

daily report

According to today’s report, of the 1,882 new cases of COVID-19, 1,266 correspond to asymptomatic people and 402 are asymptomatic. In addition, 214 unreported positive PCR tests were recorded.

The total number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country is 1,681,828. Of this total, 9,849 patients are in the active phase. The number of recovered cases reached 1,630,613.

Regarding deaths, according to information provided by DEIS, in the past 24 hours there have been 7 deaths from causes related to COVID-19. The total number of deaths is 37,669 in the country.

To date, 435 people have been hospitalized in intensive care units, of whom 339 are receiving mechanical ventilation support. In terms of the integrated health network, there are a total of 306 critical beds available to the patient who needs them, regardless of the region in which they are located.

In terms of laboratory network and diagnostic capacity, the results of 70,569 PCR and antigen tests were announced yesterday, reaching a total of 23,146,987 analyzed nationwide so far. The positivity over the past 24 hours nationwide was 2.58% and in the metropolitan area 4%.

In terms of health housing, we have 64 accommodation facilities, with a total of 5,703 families. Real occupancy nationwide is 61%, leaving 1,711 beds available for use.

For more information, people who do not have the conditions for an effective home quarantine and need to move to a sanitary housing, can call 800371900 or go to the Ministry of Health website,