August 17, 2022

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What is the metaverse of Facebook and how does this new tool work?

What is the metaverse of Facebook and how does this new tool work?

Facebook social networking site is a social network that is constantly looking to improve, this time, in Claro brand, Talking about the metaverse looking to integrate it in the future Be able to enter a virtual environment.

What is metaverse?

The metaverso is a virtual environment It can be accessed, rather than just seeing the screen, in a virtual world Interconnected through which any activity can be carried out using virtual reality devices, augmented reality glasses and applications.

What is the Facebook metaverse for?

This was mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg, President of Facebook Metaverse is the next generation of the internet. Keep in mind that in the future people will start referring to Facebook as a metaverse and not just a social media company.

Which ones can use the metaverse?

So far Metaverse It has been mainly used for activities such as concerts, video games, online travel, digital clothing trials, Although in the future it is expected that he will be able to attend education on a daily basis.

Much of the metaverse experience will revolve around the ability to teleport from one experience to the next.Zuckerberg’s comment.

Facebook has Horizon Workroom software for business meetings that can be used with Oculus virtual reality devices, which can be a huge help for working or studying during the pandemic.

What will happen to your data on Facebook?

It seems clear that Facebook wants to take its business model to the most basic level, Based on the use of personal data to sell targeted advertising.

Advertising will continue to be an important part of strategy in the social media part of what we do, and will likely remain an important part of the metaverse as well.Zuckerberg said in the latest Facebook results presentation.

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Emerging tech analyst Victoria Petroc has spoken of her concern that Facebook in the metaverse will ask for more personal information, which could lead to more misuse and misinformation, issues it hasn’t been able to resolve at the moment. “I don’t think they fully considered the risks. I’m afraid they don’t necessarily think about all the security ramifications for metaverses.“, Mentionsed.

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