May 17, 2022

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COVID-19: Health brigades arrive in Ate Vitarte for house-to-house vaccination and molecular testing

COVID-19: Health brigades arrive in Ate Vitarte for house-to-house vaccination and molecular testing

As part of the “Let’s go to your meeting” strategy, a team of 15 health teams from the Directorate of Integrated Health Networks (Diris) Lima East of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) moved to urbanization in the city of Grommet, in the district of Akl Vitart to Vaccination against COVID-19 and free molecular testing of the population.

Déres Lima Este Director-General, Tania Carrasco, noted that according to the heat map, the Ati region is the first region in Lima East with the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 during the pandemic, with adults aged from 30 to 59. The group most affected by this disease. In addition, there is a vaccination gap among the 18-29-year-old population.

In the ATI region we have reached over 60% immunization, but there is still a large gap, especially among young adults for the second dose. That is why, through the phrase “we will meet you” house by house, we intend to identify people who lack their vaccine to protect them, said Tania Carrasco.

On this day, the battalions toured more than 1,000 homes in 21 blocks of urbanization in Grommet and the city, with a population of 3,887, a population of 60 and over (523 elderly) and people aged 30-59 (1546) Adult). The 19th Special Forces Brigade of the Peruvian Army was accompanied by nurses and doctors that day.

Tania Carrasco reminded residents of eastern Lima that there are points where they can be vaccinated and also request a free COVID-19 test. “We have about 29 COVID points where we do molecular testing, but there are 45 COVID points, where residents can access if they show any symptoms so that they can provide not only the necessary education, but also the identification of the syndromic picture,” he said.

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On his part, the mayor of Ati, Eddie Cuellar, highlighted the work of the health brigades in Mensa and called on the residents to maintain preventive measures against COVID-19, bearing in mind that infections are increasing in the region.

“I ask the people of Ati not to lower their guard, that we have to take better care of ourselves, we have to live again, but with a vaccine and prevention,” the local authority said.

Likewise, regarding the inspection of public and private places to avoid crowding, the mayor announced that the inspection will be increased at the end of the year celebrations.

“The inspection is being carried out, in these year-end celebrations, and the efforts will be redoubled. “Syrinago Without Borders is being implemented to control the capacity of both private or public institutions that provide services to the public,” said Eddie Cuellar.

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