July 13, 2024

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‘Cruella 2’: Emma Stone returns as lead in sequel – movie news

‘Cruella 2’: Emma Stone returns as lead in sequel – movie news

The actress is close to striking a deal with Disney for the second part of the live-action movie about the villain 101 Dalmatians.

This has been a success, both in cinemas and on the streaming platform Disney +, which the Mickey Mouse company decided to put in development The second part of Cruella Which will finally get you Emma Stone back.

As mentioned Delivery timeThe actress makes a deal with Disney to reprise her role as a famous villain 101 dalmatians, despite the fact that the first part was released in both theaters and Disney +. Details about which Scarlett Johansson has sued the company.

However, according to CEO Patrick Whitesell, this agreement will benefit both the artist and the company regarding the future of the streaming platforms:

While the media landscape has changed dramatically for all distributors, their creative partners cannot stand aside to take on a disproportionate amount of downside without the potential for profit. This agreement makes clear that there can be a fair path forward that protects artists and aligns the interests of studios.

Cruella He raised a total of $222 million A very good criticism especially in Emma Stone’s performance. It is not yet known whether Disney will also opt with this second part for simultaneous release in cinemas and on its platform as it did with the first.

More actors announced legal action as Scarlett to premiere simultaneously in live broadcasts and cinemas

Will we see the villain par excellence?

Cruella It ended with the post-credits scene we finally saw I already put Perdita out of puppies It is delivered by Cruella to Anita (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) and Roger (Kayvan Novak). How will you continue in the sequel, then?

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There are two options. Watch an alternate, more humane version of the animated version of 101 Dalmatians, as seen in the first movie in which he never embraced his evil, or that He finally decided to whip the dogs of the dogs he gave awaySomewhat shocking to the audience.