July 14, 2024

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“What is happening is unprecedented in the last thousand years, it is part of human action.”

“What is happening is unprecedented in the last thousand years, it is part of human action.”

Climate change He is already here and what happened in Germany. In Turkey or in California with devastating fires is no coincidence, they are all consequences of this global warming. In Siberia, the temperature is currently 30 degrees, when extreme cold usually dominates this part of the planet.

The greatest climate experts have signed a report on HIM-HER-IT With conclusions about the scientific knowledge available worldwide on climate change and the consequences for the physical system in the atmosphere, in the ocean and in the biosphere due to climate change.

the report It has been implemented for 3 years and has more than 200 researchers.

What is happening is unprecedented

The study gathers a series of conclusions in order to help governments that are part of United Nations Framework Convention of climate change with very strong conclusions because for the first time it is concluded that there is climate change. Francisco Duplass, Scientist and Report Coordinator, Ensures that “what is happening at the moment does not belong to him.” Antecedents in the last thousand years are indisputable that human labor is a duty.”

Fires, droughts, and floods are considered historical phenomena because they do not have a “match in the observations” available.

“What makes this kind of phenomenon that we observe really dangerous is not that the records are broken, but rather that it happens at an unexpected speed,” Doblas says.

In addition, the report notes that climate change It is now happening in all regions of the planet in one way or another, with droughts, wildfires, torrential rains and above all with a frequency and breadth of heat waves unprecedented in past centuries. The report also notes that in the future these types of effects will be more frequent, severe and of longer duration. but nevertheless.

Sea level rise will continue for centuries

“But there are many other phenomena that will continue, such as, for example, sea ​​level rise that will last for centuries and millennia.”

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The summer we had was not particularly warm, compared to the summer of 2015 Which was really extreme, in 30 years, the increase in temperatures will repeat extremes and warmer summers than we’re seeing and will be higher at the end of the century”, who also added “these effects are in our hands, and depending on the commitments governments have at the level Global emissions and greenhouse gas reductions, we will end up with more or less impacts.”

In conclusion, the expert asserts that “We must try to avoid blaming the citizen, because the responsibility lies above all with governments And in those who ultimately make the decisions.”